Very visible implant

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Ripping off somebody else’s idea and releasing an inferior product whilst using similar naming convention is quite something else.

I respect @Rosco 's opinion, but personally I have no reason to look elsewhere.

Well now, that’s throwing the baby with the bath water a bit quickly. They have quite a few things DT doesn’t have.

They have an HF version of that relay board for example. And a version that comes in a plastic casing with an optional wall wart. And this microUSB OTG reader. Plus a bunch of lock products and antennas and stuff.

Me, I’m tempted to order a few things from them.

If you started a company that sells in the same market space, what else would you sell? There’s bound to be similar products.

I’m open to anything from anybody, provided they don’t try to shaft me or put me in danger.

Also, notice the date in the photo’s URL: 2017. They’ve had that product before DT. If anybody is copying someone, it might not be them.

I don’t want to be an apple like DT fan boy, it’s just my opinion.
Ofc they put in a lot of work and I don’t want to downplay that. They did good for the community!
I am tempted to buy stuff there too, especially a door lock, but still. To me they seem like a chinese DT knockoff.

Yes, in the same market you have similar products and I agree, they make a lot of non-implant products that seem nice.

As mentioned above, they give close to no technical info, I did not find any tests, no one in the world seems to talk about them, it seems like their implants are more dangerous that ones from a firm called dangerous things (e.g. seems like no epoxy in glass tube?).

Yeah DT might have copied the xAC2, bad Amal, but I was talking more about their implants when I said they look and sound like DT’s.

I really really want to like them, I’d love a local implant firm… made in germany… but hell no I won’t put their stuff in my body until they become more open & serious.

Nah. They both did their research and they both found the same Chinese supplier of that one board, most likely.

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I can’t quantify this, But I expect the xAC V2 will be a stop gap

Now you’ve said too much.
Okay, spill the beans bubba :slight_smile:

I honestly have no ACTUAL info, just a semi educated guess, from comments made in another thread.

Also get the feeling Amal not 100% happy with the design and functionality of the V2… again just my gut feeling
:thought_balloon: “it will do the job for now”

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And it does that job fantastically, always good to strive to improve, but the range from this rectangular coil is pretty mental - it’s a well designed bit of kit!

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Would you change anything?
other than an enclosure?
a toggleator functionality?
An output voltage selector, 3V, 5V, 9V, 12V?

Enclosure is the biggest downside, but my brother has a 3D printer so it doesn’t affect me too much.

As for toggle outputs, would be nice, but also complicates the device for people who aren’t as tech savvy (more wires, more dip switches). I see the automotive one with outputs for powering remotes as a separate product, not the general purpose DIY project one.

The fact that it’s got a relay means I can switch whatever I want, it’s got logical time settings (short, or enough time to open a door) and programming masters is easy.

There’s plenty to change, but not much I think to ‘improve’ as a general thing - just make suited to different situations.

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yeah man… I’m irritated, but not enraged… I mean, fucking cyberise did the same but also put our product name on their product… I think they called their NTAG216 clone like XNFC or something but then also put “(Same as xNT)” or something like that… yes flattering until they start stealing customers in an already extremely niche market… and selling cheaper made, less safe products. I think so far I’ve clocked 10+ broken tag stories from cyberise and at least a few from IAR… we have no confirmed cases and only 2 claims of breakage with no evidence submitted… and because we ship free replacements upon submission of basically any level of proof you have a problem with your implant, I find the refusal to send anything, not even a photo, a little suspect.

yeah… I have seen those things and could get them from suppliers and put on the store… but I’m not impressed… the HF relay board only accepts 26bit Wiegand so literally all of our NExT and xEMs would activate the relay because it only cares about the first 26 bits of the ID not the full 40 bit we program them with (serialized)… also it’s just the relay board, no reader… for 80 euros… so we have shit security, no reader, and almost 3x the cost of the xAC v2 … not interested.

The micro OTG reader is also kind of like… why… it’s clearly made for phones and iPhone started down the NFC path a long time ago, so it was only a matter of time until this reader became irrelevant. I mean, if you want to use it, eBay’s got 'em so I figured why bother putting resources into sunk inventory cost when I could work on product development. Not arguing, just explaining why we don’t have these kinds of knickknacks and bobbles on the site.

basically… we made a mistake early on and bought up a HUGE amount of xAC v1 inventory… which kept us with inventory costs that kinda made it undesirable to move to something new… and when the time came we hadn’t gotten anywhere significant with our planned access module… so the xAC v2 is the replacement option. I am talking to the vendor about supporting other LF card types other than just EM, which would be really great actually because so many people have HIDs programmed to their NExTs etc… but the NRE charge is huge and they refuse to see things the honorable way … so I would pay thousands of $$ to update the firmware to support HID and AWID and Indala and others, but they would go right ahead and sell that updated firmware to the rest of the world, including IAR… so we’re stuck with an EM only xAC v2… and once again it’s proof positive that if you want to sink time, resources, and hard earned $ into something awesome, it better be yours from the ground up because Chinese manufacturers are like gangsters… they have one rule - fuck you, make money. I avoid them whenever possible… but because of how the world is currently structured, sometimes it’s impossible.

The bottom line is, our own access module is probably at the very bottom of the priority list and will probably never happen. This is because there are seriously amazing things happening on the implant side of the house, and that will always take priority… and we have a lot of ideas.


I would happily take any submitted case designs and include them on the product page!

I wish you could hear how that sounded in my head when I read it… :laughing:

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In the meantime if we needed to change to another module at some point you could sell kits of:

PN532 + arduino nano (really cheap from places like banggood) + relay module for Arduino (also cheap at banggood)

and pre-program the Arduino with add/remove tags. I’m about to use this exact setup in my car and would totally be willing to share code once I figure it out.

If you sold it pre-programmed but able to be modified or rewritten, it would tick almost every box. plus it can run with a wall wart that most people already have several of!


Hmmm… Pretty sure I have these components laying around. Might be good to get a head start on this. Just in case :thinking:

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The PN532 is coming in 5-8 days so ill be able to start setting up then.
Ill probably be looking up tutorials in the mean time


And writing one?
Please. And… include failures and the reasoning behind choices. You could likely spawn a whole bunch of very thankful imitators.


Fair. I do actually have a thread on the car project and will be making a tutorial on hooking it up but maybe ill make another one for the arduino code…
Ill try to document it as i go and neaten my chickenscratch into something coherent at the end.

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Feel free! My brother shared the Thingiverse link here

It’s the design we used for our toolboxes, a two part case (the outside portion is printed in two steps though to embed the logo) that holds the PCB using M3 screws, bolts through from the front, through the mounting surface, and through the inner box.

@PulsarForce has the inner box modelled and the coil-holder too, so can probably make a custom box-with-lid to be more similar if you wanted it closer to the xACv1.

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