Very visible implant

Maybe the firmware is hackable. Is it in a potted chip?

As an alternative, I have a pair of SureFlap catflaps on their way here. Those things are a bit more expensive - I scored them at 59 euros a pop - but highly hackable for use as access control devices: essentially, once you remove the catflap door and soldered a relay to the door latch line, you have a very good FDX and EM reader with 32 programmable authorized tags in a convenient case with a battery holder, and at least a year of battery life with 4 AA cells.

One of them will open my minivan soon. I’ll post a howto when I get them.

Ah right, I didn’t know that.

On the other hand, the convenience factor is huge: it’ll open with many transponders out of the box without any programming :slight_smile:


Haven’t seen the wedge format before! That is perfect!

After doing quite a bit of research lately, I’m starting to think the vivokey system is really a good spot for me. The spark doesn’t come in a flex option though, does it? I like the flex systems a lot.

And, for the flex vs x series performance. I’d like to think I know the limitations of it, of course I can still be wrong due to never seeing an implant in person and actually working with one before. I just would like the ease of the larger antenna that the flex is able to provide.

My biggest reasoning for the flex is actually the video that was uploaded by Amal on youtube showing the difference in range with the FlexNT vs the regular xNT.

No, BUT, The Vivokey Apex Flex ( more capable than the Spark ) will be the equivalent in wedge format.

Vivokey Apex Max, is the xSeries equivalent

The Apex is the one that has yet to be released though, right?

That is correct

IAR does have a “X” theme going on with their chips, but I don’t think he actively tries to create confusion with DT products. Also, they certainly ain’t cheaper.

For the record, I got my two IAR implants before knowing of DT’s existence. In any case, my go-to choice for new implants is certainly DT now, if only because I know exactly what I get before buying. With IAR, I’m still not quite sure exactly what’s in my hands: all I know is what the chips are and how they perform - which I had to find out by myself - and what hasn’t happened yet with them.

Yes, I probably should have done more research. Everybody can make mistakes eh :slight_smile:

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I am sure it’s hackable… chips are easily accessed… the proc is an STC Micro 11F04E with a removable FT24C64A memory module in a DIP package in a socket connector.

They watch what we do very closely. I agree the naming convention wasn’t meant to confuse, but it definitely was meant to be an attempt at stealing eyeballs via SEO.

So like… anyone interested in working on an open source an updated firmware? We could invest in a programmer and update xAC v2s, even exchange already sold ones if updated firmware was desired.

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I’d definitely be interested in contributing where I could. I’ve not got much experience in hacking firmwares, but I’d love to learn and contribute to other places if possible.

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Well this got interesting :joy::laughing:

Ok… let me wrap up my attempt to strongarm the vendor … if that fails we’ll start a new github repo and thread for this.


Did the one you order work?
The ones I got off Amazon were doodoo for the chips, and the ones I get off ElecHouse take nearly two months to arrive

That’s a great question, they are sitting on my desk now so I don’t know yet but this weekend I’m gonna program and wire it up. Will report back then.
Mine from elechouse took half a month (I love in new York) *live lol

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Awww, that’s nice :wink:


Just went outside and tested it with my laptop: It reads well enough through the windshield of my car and for my purposes, thats perfect

REALLY ROUGH measuring says ~1.5cm skin to board

Nice. I put mine behind my sideview mirror, and it still read fine. ElecHouse are the ones that DT used to sell, I’ve just had issues finding them anywhere closer than China.

I don’t think I’m gonna do the mirror for 2 reasons: im not even sure if the back housing comes off and I doubt it’s waterproof.
(I also already drilled holes in the dash for windshield placement)

I threw a silicone layer on my electronics before installing them in the housing. I had just decided to put mine in the mirror because a lock you can’t see is more effective than one you can. I totally get not wanting to put it there though.

It’s super janky, but this is more of a learning project on a cheap car, so I’m not overly concerned.