Vivo key the profits of having one?

What is it good for and can you tell me what it profits having one?

Vivokey is a company. They have had several products, the current one is the spark 2 and the upcoming one is the Apex.

So the advantage of a Vivokey chip depends on which chip we are talking about.

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Also, VivoKey is planning to release a ring version of the Apex that will support payments in some countries. Credit card networks hate implants for some reason…

I’ll link the VivoKey wesites:

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The spark two…

Personally I would wait for the Apex. The Spark 2 can be used for cryptographically proving your identity. The Apex is capable of running various applications.


I actually just figured out vivo key spark2. Easy as Peez. We’ll just about I’m actu as lly thinking about what I can do with the advanced mode in vivo key what are the I’d and secrets for?