VivoKey Apex update

Awesome news!

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Hi Amal,

I’m new here and not a member of the premium club, so I don’t have access to the detailed information that sounds like is available there.

When you say the this new item will be available for “general sale,” does that mean that just anyone can buy one in the store, or will it only be available to premium members, people with pre-orders, and fundraising backers?

I’ve been dreaming of being chipped for years and I finally am in a position to do so, and this upcoming product is the sole reason I haven’t placed orders already. I’ve even built myself a bluetooth connected keyboard wedge in anticipation!

Thanks for any information you can provide. And for all that you do.

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Yup, “general sale” means that the Apex (at least the standard flex format) would be available in VivoKey’s online retail partners like Dangerous Things, KSEC, and Digiwell.

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Very exciting news!!

So how would one use an apex for “secure” acces control purposes?
Haven’t really found anything about that yet. Curious to find out more about that :slight_smile:

Has the retail packaging been finalised?

Hope you got a cool box design like the titan.


There are some applets currently in development that may assist you as well as the native Vivokey app function that us Spark owners are currently using however if you are talking about something like car access or building access that uses the Vivokey platform specifically, you will need to roll your own at this time. I believe that there is a project or two on the forum that went this route for the Spark which also uses the Vivokey platform.

Outside of that you can register it in any currently existing system that uses the same frequency. Spark v1 is iso15693, Spark v2 is iso14443 Desfire (V1?) and not sure about the Vivokey although I believe it will also be iso14443. This option isn’t Vivokey specific though…


Has anyone got their hands on the Vivokey Apex yet?
I am kind of getting impatient :wink:



Hahahaha, Wow, almost a month, Welcome to the queue buddy…

How long have you actually been waiting?

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I just received mine yesterday.


I just got an email that my Apex Flex shipped!

The contactless payment conversion in the blade of my hand has failed… Think i could remove that and replace it with the Apex Flex in one procedure? I will miss being able to pay with my hand…


No particular reason why you couldn’t, depends how you were removing the old and fitting the new though.

They are roughly the same shape and size right?

If the payment conversion was flex shaped then i would think they would be close enough

At a guess, your conversion PROBABLY looked like this

~ 8mm × 38mm

and the APEX Flex looks like this

~ 7.5 x 28

So, yes, your plan to swap out your conversion for the APEX Flex should be
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Yeah buddy, me too (mine expired), It was a great experience.

I still 100% reccomend the payment conversion to everyone, regardless of the expiry date that puts many people off, all I would say is, just look at how many transactions you make with your credit card and you will realise how frequent you will use it and how awesome it really is.

Everytime you use it…Soooo Satisfying



IIRC implanting flexies in the blade of the hand is not recommended as it could lead to premature failures:

Cash is still very common in the third world, or at least in my region… Sure, credit and debit cards are rather common around here but I’m somewhat old fashioned, this is why I’d rather wait for Amal to convince Mastercard to support the Apex. After all, I wouldn’t use a payment conversion often enough to justify cutting my skin. But having the option as an additional feature in a chip that I’m bound to end up using every day would be nice. And if it never gets supported it doesn’t matter.

Should have mine tomorrow if USPS doesn’t delay it even more. Then should be implanted later the same day.


Heeeeeey, don’t out me like that :rofl:

I have been waiting long before I had a profile page here :blush:


Mine arrived this morning! :partying_face:


Congratulations man. How long have you been waiting?