Vivokey Flex Beta Help

A couple of months ago my vivokey flex stopped working. I’ve had it for about two years now. I’ve tried multiple different phones and programs, as well as other readers. I’m thinking it may have suffered from the bricking issue that plagued other users. Is there a way to revive it? Or is there a replacement program/warranty of sorts?

Thank you in advance.

Send it back to me and I’ll take a look at it. Might be able to recover the chip onto a new antenna if it’s an antenna related issue. Hit the orange help button on the website (lower right) and ping me that way. I’ll give you the address to send it to.



Thanks Amal! By chance, is there an upgrade path that I can pay for? I don’t want the pocket to heal and have to redo the bulk of the procedure. Thank you again!

If you bought the flex one beta from us then you’ll get a free Apex Flex once we get it sorted out.

If you still want a repair done I can try it. Might be worth it if you have OTP keys on or other things you need.

Okay thank you! I’ll probably just wait for the Apex Flex then. Thank you in advance. Is there a way I can keep up with the progress of the Flex? I heard there was a beta group but never got added to it

By joining the DT club :slight_smile:


To stay upto date with the Vivikey Apex, follow as @pac said above

As you had the Beta you could have accessed

**** this one**** ( it’s for beta flex users )

But since yours is now not working, you will likely no longer be able to get access

There is another one for other Vivokey users if you have a Spark

Read this to link your Dangerous Things Forum and Vivokey Forum

Alright sounds good haha, I’ll get subscribed and wait. Looking forward to the Apex!

Yeahhhh, just tried it and wouldn’t let me. Is there a manual way to do it? All I have is a HF, NFC, and vivokey flex beta… it says I need an invite for the vivokey forum.