VivoKey for iOS Dev Update:

During my night shift I installed iOS 14 beta 7 on my iPhone 7 plus. I’m available for testing the VivoKey app if needed. I have the Spark 1 & 2 and Wordpress VivoKey OpenID Connect plug-in installed :slight_smile:



Any update now that iOS 14 has been released?

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When can we install vivokey app on iPhone and iOS

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Where is the app I am trying to find vivokey on iOS is not there how to install that I want to know can you make a video about that how to install it on iPhone

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The app is still in beta. It is not availible yet.

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Do you think the app will come In October


When month do you think the app will be available give me your opinion on iOS

When the app is available on iOS the vivokey notify me okay guys

I’ll tell you what, If you use this function

on this thread

You will get your very own little notification


Mate, I am stoked you are clearly excited to use the Vivokey ios App, There are many others who have been waiting a lot longer than you have, But as all of the replies you have recieved, the date is STILL unknown at the moment, the holdup is with Apple not Vivokey


Dev update:

  • iOS 14 betas had me spinning wild.

  • On one of the updates you could only read the NFC once and had to restart the device.

  • On other updates they killed something that firebase notifications needed.

  • On another update the device wasn’t connecting to the computer at all to run tests.

  • On another update I could not get debug info accurately.

So progress was very limited during apples beta program.
But we are pretty much out of it now.

I am working on user interface part now.

My goal is to push it up to Apple for review before the end of next month. Maybe on one or two weeks.

I know many would like to help with beta testing. But to make a beta public it still needs to be accepted by Apple. So it needs to be pretty much finished, signed, etc etc.

I’m not going anywhere so even after is released I will still be available to work on it. So consider the first release a fully working “beta” release :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Feel free to leave comments here


I dont even care about iOS, but that looks really good Ryu :+1:


I don’t even use vivokey, but it looks good to me :slight_smile:


I’m curious: what is it Apple does exactly when they review an app? Do you have to submit the source code? Do they do static analysis on the binary only? Do they test the functionality?

… reviews payment
( I use an iPhone I’m allowed to make that joke)

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Hahaha right?
They have a huge list of app guidelines. From the size of letters, device compatibility, they are huge on security and privacy protection to make sure developers aren’t collecting data without users knowledge, usability for sure, that it won’t crash, the correct use of icons, complete descriptions, some accessibility, etc etc etc.
Since the review people probably don’t have a VivoKey maybe we need to ship them one so they can try the app themselves, or what I usually do is make a video. They want to see a video showing EVERY SINGLE FEATURE of the app working as intended. So I have to show them the app can make accounts, switch accounts, edit info, change reader settings, authenticate in from QR code, receive push notifications and react accordingly, be open from a push notification and run the auth protocols, be able to read Spark 1 and Spark 2 chips, add new chip, etc etc etc etc…
Also this app should be ready to be translated. I can do Spanish and Japanese. But will little by little need help on other languages.
I’m trying to avoid make it too much reading and more intuitive so users can just have it as a tool and not a complicated set of thing’s they need to learn.

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Hahaha my goal is to tempt android fanboys to drink the Apple coo-laid. Normal developer companies get a project and when is done is over. The iOS app will be maintained in-house so it’s easier for VivoKey to keep improving it.

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I wasn’t being sarcastic: it was a genuine question :slight_smile:

Wow crazy. Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t realize they were that paranoid.

I was wondering about that. That’s… staggering.

Yeah, feels better when a developer can just upload whatever they want. But for end users is nice that there is some level of filtering.