Vivokey forum access?

I’ve had my implant bundle for awhile now (none implanted yet) and I’m trying to get into the vivokey forums to join all the interesting discussions but according to the site I need an invite to the forum to get access? If this is true I would be greatful to anyone who can assist me with an invite or if I’m missing some other way to access the forum any input would be great.

Thanks in advance to whoever can help out.

Firstly, Welcome

This is where you need to go

You will “need” to install your Spark to login

Download the Vivokey app

You can also link your forums ( Vivokey :arrow_backward: :arrow_forward: Dangerous things)

Hope that helps


To be honest, it isn’t that active currently.

The other website you’re referring to is for Flex One Beta participants only. They’re over there doing Javacard development for the Apex.


Awesome, thanks for the information and assistance!