Vivokey forum login help

Spark 2 scans nicely now. But how do I set up my vivokey forum login?

I get this error via the iPhone app.

Are you able to open and access your VK App?

For the forum, are you trying to login to



(this one is vivokey flex one beta access only)

Also once you are in, here’s how to link your DT and vivokey account.

You need to do this first and setup your account.

Can you provide more details, the exact steps leading to this error?

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Yes, I currently only have iPhone (if that matters) but I am able to access the Vk app on iPhone. I believe that my profile is set up. But also the Dangerous things link in my app brings me to the main page instead of the forum (not sure if that is right). Overall just lots of learning that I need to do now that I am implanted.

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Just realized that the VK forum didn’t wasn’t too behave with my phone. As soon as I tried with my laptop it was a extremely smooth process.

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@RyuuzakiJulio might be along to ask you some questions and if you can replicate the error etc.

Yeah, I can recreate. I just have to login from my phone.

There was an update on the authentication service. I believe it should be fixed now.


I have the same problem, and others!