VivoKey Forum Registration

Hey all,

Apologies if this has been answered before. I’m trying to get into the forum at, but when I scan the QR code and then scan my Spark 2 it will just redirect me to either my profile, a URL, or say my profile is private (basically whatever I have it configured to do). If I navigate away from the VivoKey app and then come back to it, it will just open a new tab of whatever the URL or profile. Am I missing something easy? Anyone run into this before?

Hey there,

So when you scan the QR code you are scanning it from inside the VivoKey app? So first you scan into the VivoKey app with your Spark 2, then scan the QR code right?

Also are you on Android or iPhone?


Yep. I’m using a Samsung S21 w/ Android 11.

Open the VivoKey app, scan the *Spark 2, it lets me in. Scan the QR code, it’ll prompt me to scan again. In the video there are two vibrations, but the same thing happens if I accidentally scan twice or not. Just keeps opening the page indefinitely, have to exit the VivoKey app completely to get it to do anything else.

hrmmm… feels like something is interfering with the NFC scan and letting the OS open the URL on the implant instead of passing control to the VivoKey app…

@riley what do you think?

I wonder if it’s the same as that other person with the dodgy ndef?

Definitely something placing itself above the vivokey app.

It actually took me a few goes, I had to follow the latest notification, as described below.
I was also getting redirected to my profile page.
You may need to refresh your browser, and you will get a renewed QR Code, Follow the steps below.

When you open the browser window, you may also get a notification on your phone

Follow that link, and you should get your VK App landing page

Unlock with your spark

Open the QR camera on the top right

Scan the QR code

It will either
Open the VK Forum
Ask you to scan your Spark again.

Like I say it also took me a few attempts also

Just make sure you have a “fresh” QR code…otherwise try renewing it


Close everything ( VK App, Browser )

Renew / refresh page

Select Login


You should get a notification on your phone ( Or open VK App )


Scan QR Code


If that doesn’t work

Try refreshing your browser / QR code

If that doesn’t work
Start again, but this time have your VK App and QR Code reader already open
Scan a fresh QR Code

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SO. I got it to work. I still wasn’t receiving any notifications whatsoever until I actually got through. Changed too many things at once to tell what the fix exactly was, but I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, closed and reopened my browser, used the “Login” option at VivoKey Members Only - The best humans around! instead of the QR code at and refreshed again like .2 seconds before scanning the QR code, and voila!

Thanks for the help everyone!