Vivokey Spark actual use cases

Hi Vivokey community!

I got a Spark with me, waiting to get implanted. However, I would like to understand some current use cases better:
When setting up the Vivokey profile and setting it “public” what happens when the Spark is scanned? Will the scanning phone open a public webpage with “my profile”?
What stops other people from sharing the profiles URL?
I would like to control, who has access to that profile, is that possible?
Is there currently solution to use the spark and share a vCard?
What use cases are there, when I set my profile to “private”?

Thanks for helping out :wink:


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There is an actual Vivokey forum(link at bottom), which may be a better place for your question.
you can also link your accounts.
Here’s the “how to” Amal put together

Thanks for sharing that link, but actually I am seeking some answers before implanting the chip. Do I understand it correctly, that I need to have the chip and the profile set up before accessing the Vivokey forum? That seems to be a hurdle for people wanting to explore the Sparks capabilities before deciding whether to implant it or not …


Yes the VivoKey forum is a private forum for VivoKey members only. The Spark can do basically what any implantable NFC chip can do… the UID serial number can be registered with compatible stand-alone access devices like door locks, gun cases, padlocks, etc. which only rely on the UID for “security”, as well as be configured to forward anyone who scans it with their NFC smartphone to another URL or to share your contact details with them.

Those are the most basic functions that are pretty commonly shared with any NFC implant. Beyond that is where things get interesting. The Spark is a cryptographically authenticated chip implant that works with the VivoKey platform that can accept crypto-challenges from the platform to validate actions like authentication, transaction authorization, etc. and we have an API to make those functions available to developers who want to integrate those actions (

We also plan on offering various services to VivoKey members. The first of which is the private forum. We have several others in the works.

so in short, all the reasons you might want to implant a regular NFC chip are supported by the Spark… it’s the additional capabilities that exist now and will continue to grow that are the really interesting bit.


Un caluroso saludo desde Colombia, Recientemente compré el kit ultron; ¡No lo tengo en mis mamos! porque lo recibió una amiga que esta en EEUU. Pero debido a a todas estas noticias con el vivokey spark 2. Tengo una gran decepción y deseo devolverlo… Ahora pues cuando llegue a Colombia se me hace casi imposible de hacer la devolución debido al alto coste del envío. :grimacing:

La gran pregunta es que otro con función parecida :thinking: a este chip me recomiendan.
O escucho opiniones con respecto a sus implantes. :upside_down_face:

Although Amal talked the Vivokey down, It is far from useless.

Could I ask why you bought it? Did you have a use for it? What were your expectations?