VR game coordination thread

Quest 2
Arizona sunshine
Damned mission
Code 948358

Name jimmyoccam in the USA region


I just sent you a friend request through Oculus, would love to slay some zombies together! No doubt, VR is better with friends :robot:

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I typically only get time to do that from like 10pm-ish Seattle time onward… and not all that often… but maybe we could coordinate here on a scheduled basis or something.

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I can relate, I only find the time to game when I should be sleeping haha

Hopefully some more people jump into this thread so we can start a Dangerous Things meetup in VR!

Here are some other multiplayer games I have on Quest 2:

  • Beat Saber
  • Rec Room (FREE)
  • Eleven Table Tennis
  • TopGolf with Pro Put
  • Echo VR
  • Onward
  • And this ones not really a game, but Big Screen (FREE) looks like a cool place to hang out and share info, like Zoom in VR.

have you seen


Thanks for the link @Pilgrimsmaster!

I will for sure install Alt Space and come check out the private room.

Im also still interested in coordinating some VR gaming!


i have at thr moment only Beat Saber (Easy and a bit normal)
and AltSpace

Cyborg1976 is my name

If anyone’s on steam, My name is RaptorJeebus, And i have a ton of VR games

I just got My pc setup working so I now have squadrons in vr