Virtual Cyborg Meet-Up space :Robot:

Now the shows and anual events are online, why not a Cyborg Meet-up online? :slight_smile:


Kinda the idea with the VR concept…


Anyone can join from PC or Mac (Beta app) as well.


Me!! Pc please!!

I think vr is a great idea


Maybe a zoom meeting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I only know people from the USA or OK who have VR.
Its very expensive and I think you need a high end computer.


When I think of all the privacy-related topics we already had here, I think quite a bunch of people (me included) wouldn’t touch zoom with a ten-feet-(two and a bit meter)-pole…

Prices are dropping seriously, so that’s no longer such a problem, but your system needs to have some power at least, yeah.
Bigger problem for me is this fucking motion sickness… leads to me using it far less than I planned :grimacing:


Who’s to say a VR app doesn’t have the exactly same (or worse) problems? Also AltspaceVr Is owned by Microsoft :wink:

@JennyMcLane AltspaceVR also allows you to use a program on your PC to join the altspace without a VR headset AFAIK. Jusy have to get the program.

Totally agree! That’s why I currently don’t have any such account, neither on VR nor elsewhere… :wink:
Isn’t there any nice, little, FOSS alternative?

Maybe Hubs by Mozzila? It’s open-source AFAIK but it doesn’t support headsets
I don’t know, it appears AltspaceVR has already become the defacto standard, and that’s fine. I don’t want to impose this on others, just pointing out an potential issue :sweat_smile: especially given all the work that has already been put into creating the DT altspace

What kind of internet connection do you need? They say i have 40 mbit. I tested it very often and i got with luck 8 mbit.
Will it work on a macbook air?

I have an Occulus just sitting on the shelf gathering dust because… FakeBook.

why not make one meet/zoom by countries? maybe it’s easy.

yeah i set up a new blank account for my quest 2 with no friends and nothing else doin but oculus

Okay! We got a private group space in AltSpaceVr
You can use many types of VR headsets or use Windows or Mac (beta) version to join the custom-made space.

Since is private, we need to add everyone manually to a list.

So whomever wants to join Amal and the gang in a VR world are welcome to send me their AltSpaceVR account name to add them up to the list.

(Inside this custom world there are a few Easter eggs ^x^ just cuz why not)

(BTW to join you need to enable Worlds Beta and Participate in Early Access Program (or something like that on settings)


Is discord not an option?

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Some of us don’t discord. Or VR. Seems like actually physically meeting people is such a gray hazy memory. I’m so not a people person, but I’m looking forward to just getting out amongst humanity again.

I guess it’s gone on so long even a true introvert like myself has JUST HAD ENOUGH.

VR is pretty nice, looks silly on a screenshoot, but once you get inside the environment and interact with other people is pretty immersive.


If you meet a pretty girl, you kinda miss out on how her hair smells.

Her hair…

Oh boy do I have suggestions for you when COVID ends.

It’s just me, but I’ll take long term social distancing over simulated human interaction any day.

Having said that, the Finns have been practicing it long before the virus hit. The running joke around here is: Coronavirus is terrible: we have to keep 2 meters apart. Before the virus, it was 3 meters!