Walletmoor implant

Hi iam trying to purchase walletmoor implant as I stay in UK and can’t purchase direct
Thanks Ronnie

Not possible, since Brexit, iCard withdrew from the UK.

Check last post of this thread Walletmor in UK or Walletmor in UK?


I have an icard active account so just need to no how I can purchase one

This can mean one of 3 things, afaik:

  • You haven’t logged on the account for a while, or haven’t finished it’s setup and verification steps as will be required for pairing with Walletmoore.

In which case I recommend double checking if the account is realy set up and running for the uk.

  • You got a sustained pre Brexit iCard account, which costs £50 per month + abusive transaction fees.

If that’s your case you can definitely afford to use a Shopping Service such as Shippn. they can receive your order in another country and then redirect it to you.

  • Your iCard account is set up with an overseas Address (counting Ireland as overseas).

in which case you should order the chip to that same address. but be warned that there will be abusive transaction fees for using an overseas address iCard account on transactions in the UK. and they can just seize your money if they suspect you actually live in te UK. (both are info they hide pretty well)

or … I might be wrong. so if there’s a fourth case, please share with us.