Walletmor ad States available in US now

Can it be? Lol. Anyone in the United States successfully uses the walletmor?

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It’s the same as the Purewrist conversion that Amal has been doing for a while now:

As stated in the Walletmor FAQ, it lasts for 3 years, rather than the 8 years of its European counterpart (likely a little less, given what we’ve seen with Purewrists lately).

It is a little more convenient though, rather than having to buy one and send it in to Amal.

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I’m in North Carolina and I ordered one! Order #1007. I’m so excited!!!

So when it expires we would have to get a new implant? Or just make a new account on the app?

Once your purewrist expires its no longer able to make payments

The implant won’t ever be able to make payments again, but it won’t be entirely useless. You’d still be able to use it with something like the kbr1 to unlock your computer, or for any other UID-based HF authentication.

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