Walletmor in UK

I’m at just over a week (10 days) and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m in the uk and did a self install (not recommended). Honestly I really enjoy the ease of use.


I was trying to get a proper post together, but decided to accept reality: I won’t have enough time soon, so here it goes:

We got a new generation of readers coming in on many shops here in the Manchester - Leeds - York belt, and those readers are goooood!!

Unfortunatelly for me, way too good.
Even with the walletmor out, I cannot use my right hand to present a contactless card because my DF2 implant gets read together and the machines spur out: “Please present only one card at a time”.

While I had the walletmor placed on top of my finger bone, even presenting the walletmor flat to the reader while the df2 at 90 degrees angle I was still seeing the same issue.

Currently I’m waiting friends to come back into the country to put the walletmor on the other hand and give it a new go…

I also tried the Walletmor in the vial and it was really hard, if not impossible, to read. I tried several payment terminals, the ACR122 and also the Proxmark (from the bottom). I never got it to work at payment terminals and only twice at home. And this was really difficult….
After implantation the range was sooo much higher. It doesnt surprise me that the Walletmor inside the vial didnt work.

If you’re referring to my initial tests from the first posts, those were only that: initial tests.
I do that with everything just to get a rough notion about what to expect once I stick it under my skin.
You do need to consider the range will improve a lot.
Yet the comparative result between 2 chips in the vials, and the same 2 chips under the skin will tend to remain similar. (save exceptional scenarios)

I’m having trouble picturing where your Walletmor and your flexDF2 are exactly: can you clarify?

It must be a fabulously good reader to pick up an implant that’s orthogonal to the antenna, with another coplanar one in the field!

here’s the FlexDF2 image and link to post

And NOT the ring finger for the Walletmor

I’m guessing here, but MAYBE the Middle finger like yourself and Amal with the FlexNT :man_shrugging:

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Ooh right ok, you were experimenting placement for the Walletmor and it’s not in yet. Sorry I didn’t understand. Well at least you know before you commit to implanting it somewhere.

Pilgri’s forum super powers are spot on.

I’m not blaming the walletmor for the failure though. Still quite surprised how I can’t even present a regular card to those readers with my right hand.

So… this was the placement:
Green: Walletmor
Red: DF2

There’s more shit in that hand as well, but LF.

This is a professional render of the 90 degrees angle I mentioned earlier:
New Project (4)
Black: reader

And this is another very professional render of a card presenting technique:
New Project (1)

This new reader that’s popping around (it’s a very big white plastic handheld thingie) fails to me on both occasions above, even without having the Walletmor in my finger.
Always complaining: “Please present only one card at a time”.

I even tried holding my bank card just by the tiniest edge with the tip of my index and middle fingers… and failure.
I have to present it with my left hand when I go shopping at some places now! :sweat_smile:

Also, just a footnote: my KBR reads my DF2 when presented sideways as well, but not like in the images above.

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And yet another pro render ( but less colourful )and approach option


How long did this masterpiece take to draw?


It took me a few good minutes of laughing before I could muster the strength to type this reply… :joy:

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Hi there.
I’m planing on buying my walletmor chip as soon as possible.
But when I go to buy it, there doesn’t seem to be an option for delivery to the UK.

Any advice would be appreciated.

AFAIK they don’t work in the UK anymore.

The original walletmor was a converted iCard chip.
after Brexit, iCard withdrew from UK, turning all those walletmor chips into pretty bricks.

then came “version 2”, which was a batch conversion from another provider… but without asking the supplier first.
Obviously they found out and blocked the chips, giving us a second batch of pretty bricks.

The third option was a suggestion of telling us to buy a £46 payment Fob and they would convert it for us.
Don’t think anyone went for that because… well, if you want a payment conversion implant you’ll want to deal directly with Amal instead. much better client rapport, support and… well, everything else! :sweat_smile:

All that said, if you can prove address somewhere else on Europe you can still get one… as longg as you don’t mind paying international transaction fees. thank you Brexit. :neutral_face:

Another option is to get something such as RingPay and either be happy with a ring, or then send it to Amal to check if he can make a conversion implant.


Cool, how much would it cost for Amal to do that?
Is he just a guy on here?:smiley:

I was thinking about getting someone in the EU to make an icard account for me, so asking them to repost it for me wouldn’t be that much harder I suppose.

@amal is the guy who runs this forum, and also Dangerous Things, the company which we use to buy our implants and etc.

He’s really good with customer care and would be happy to help you out here if you ask (probably in another thread. I feel like this one is kinda tainted at the moment. my bad… :sweat_smile: )
Since he is not only a businessman, but a full fledged tchie and biohacker, he would be the best person to help you make a decision.

This is the payment conversion service (just click on the link).

  • It costs 200 USD.

  • it is not 100% guaranteed to work, so worth it having a chat with Amal first. (some of the payment methods he would already know if are convertible or not)

  • it does have an expiry date. No matter what you use now, within 3 to 5 years you will need to replace it (be it walletmor, a card conversion, etc… this has to do with Visa/Mastercard imposing arbitrary limits)

  • In the UK, do NOT convert a bank card. They are required to be inserted with the chip into the terminal every N contactless transactions, so a bank card NFC conversion would only last you a few uses until it becomes a pretty brick.
    Use an “NFC wearable” instead if you want a conversion service.

Some other bits of info for clarity:

  • Walletmor has a partnership with Dangerous Things. Their business model, in an oversimplified nutshell, is to buy a bunch of fobs from iCard and then use DT to do batches of conversion implants with them. Then they resell it for you.

  • You can still get an iCard in the UK, but they charge you £50 every month just for the pleasure of using their services.

  • If you have an iCard registered in Europe, when using it in the UK you’ll end up paying some transaction fees. Most notoriously, when topping it up.

iCard works as a top up card, so you need to put money in, and then use it. They don’t charge you if you do a bank transfer top up, but charge a fee for any other method. Tricky bit is… with Brexit, depending on your bank and all, your bank might charge you a fee for topping up an european payment service. So worth checking those things first. (Brexit and finance is still murky territory, so these things change a lot at the moment)

  • UK contactless terminals are… Weird, to say the least.

I’ve had a walletmor implant and currently hold an NFC ring for payment, and tested them a lot both here (UK) and abroad:

While in places such as Norway or Italy I can usually get the ring to work from about an inch away from the reader, in UK I feel like no one really got how to tweak contactless machines yet.

In the majority of cases in the UK, I need to actively touch the reader with the ring and wait about 1 second for it to work.
Or… Some of those new large white machines pick the ring about 5 inches away. But those are also so “good” that even if I’m using a bank card to do the payment, I cannot use my right hand to pay, because the machine reads both the card and my other NFC implants, and then complains “Please present only one card”.

Other honorable mentions are the self service terminals that you need to almost punch the touch screen to get a read, or the machines which will insist for you to “insert the card” even for an NFC fob :tired_face: at least this seems to be a terminal-specific issue, unlike the bank cards that require being insted themselves.


Ty for all the info!
Ok I’m thinking I might buy from walletmor as they are 250. And Dangerous things being based in America will probs be more with postage and the initial cost of the ring.
If I change my mind where should I message Amal?:slight_smile:

Ok good, so the chips don’t require I to insert occasionally, that’s good to know.

And is your walletmor chip working ok?
Hmm your using a ring too? Is the chip unreliable?

Is it just the topping it up? Bc I have revolut and that has only a tiny fee each time.

I emailed walletmor and ask and they didn’t seem to think there were any transaction fees every time u use the chip. Is that correct?
Also, last question:) do u need to upgrade your Icard account to one that with a subscription? Bc it doesn’t seem like u need the premium account, but would be so anying if u did.

just tag him somewhere on the forum. if he doesn’t see it, our resident forum wizard, @Pilgrimsmaster will poke him. :grin:

Or you can use the direct approach:
go to DT’s site: https://dangerousthings.com/ , then click on the orange “help” button on the bottom right corner of the page

The chip still “works”, as in… I can get the UID to be read.
as a payment solution it’s as useful as a brick now, since iCard withdrew from UK and I refused to pay £50 per month.

I also didn’t like the range it had that much, but as established somewhere else (I did a comparison post somewhere on the forum), I think it’s mainly because my DF implant seems to be overperformatic.
Other UK walletmor users seemed satisfied.

Not sure. iCard isn’t the most transparent company with their fees… you got to jump quite a few “hidden links” within their pages to find the fees.
Worth double checking that before buying.

Did you ask especificaly about “using the chip in the UK”? because using the chip doesn’t incur in any fees… While within EU.
I know I’ve seen a table with “fees for usage at UK” at some point, but not sure if it ever got implemented or not, since very quickly after they simply withdrew from here.

Also bear in mind that I contacted Walletmor in the past asking specifically if they had a partnership with iCard and they said they did. Later Wojtek (owner) denied they ever had a formal partnership with iCard… so I would take their clearly-sales-oriented support with a hint of salt.

Right when Brexit happened, they offered me to stay on what looked like a “rolling premium subscription” to continue using. When I refused, they took my money and cancelled the account (wasn’t much left there, about £20 or less), then stopped replying to my e-mails.
I could not be arsed to chase.

Yeah, this is probably your best bet.
That way you go on the ticket system.
Ensure you provide him a link to this thread and some pertinent snippets to give him some context


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Awsome Ty for the help:)
What’s the ticket system?