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I have an xg3 v2 there currently, any questions in particular? I don’t particularly like it on the top of my thumb, there’s no cushion for impacts. Just hard bone. I can also kinda pull it to the side of my thumb then let go so my skin pulls it back into place.

ok, i was asking for flexes especally - but the hard bone below it is a thing…

i think i will just go for p3/4 now. my tools are getting sterilised already



was not the case - but i have a bunch of eo sterilised needles here.

And above that bone is a vein that moves a lot, at least in my thumb, so there will definitely be constant movement from below the implant. Plus, the FlexM1 is 38mm long - when stretching and bending my thumb as much as possible, it would definitely “bite” somewhere.
I know you’re more on the experimental side, so I’d say feel free to try it, but I guess your p3/4-plans might be a bit safer :wink:

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its installed already

p5 or so

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Not at all.

Honestly… if I can still pay my bills, afford some leizure and save a tiny bit a month… I don’t skimp on anything that saves me time.

I always end up thinking along the lines that “The only reason I’m making money is to enjoy my stay in this meatsack. So there’s no point in sacrificing my comfort/pleasure just for the sake of dying with a fat bank account”

That said… I do walk 1 hour (each way) to visit some friends about twice weekly when it would cost me only £6 for an Uber. But that’s because this walk then becomes an exercise for me.

sort of a non-exlusionary reverse logic than what @Pilgrimsmaster pointed. (which was a very good point made as well)

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Got an experiment with that “spot” on the ring-finger for the Walletmor.
But had to back out of it because the conjunction of my overperforming DF2 and the new overperforming card readers in UK made it so the Walletmor wouldn’t work… =/

I actually got to write about it. was an interesting find!

That is true. And a good point!!

The bone on the ring finger is longer (almost twice as long) as on the thumb, and the only thing there is a tendon (which was enough of a preocupation, but I didn’t had time to let it be tested… external factors made me retract from that plan)

Nothing to do with anything, but if you want to watch a fun and refreshing Youtuber, here’s one:

The guy is just plain nice. It’s a pleasure to watch him just for the pleasure of watching him.


Good find, thanks for the share!

Forgot to reload my purewrist yesterday and went into a shop, it’s so awkward when your hand declines. Lady looked at me like I was fucking nuts


Hahaha actually laughed audibly at my phone.


Everytime I try my purewrist with one of those damn veriphone readers… this is the look I get

“Suuuuuure you have a chip in your hand”

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can you post a photo of the veriphone readers you’re having an issue with?

The standard ones we talked about in the pure wrist thread, satur9 did a tear down


I hate these with a passion now, because they are soo popular and work great with everything but my implants… such a tease

I just try them now and then, even though I know it’s a shitty reader… and everytime I get a “this dudes loosing it”

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If you can access the “extended” tab on the software, it looks like the start and end bits is what you want to control as per pg69.

Ooo I’m excited now

But I think from my playing around, that seemed like something different

Are you suggesting that it will pull what follows the start bits?


Ooooo that’s something I never played with


Whilst we are talking terminals, here’s a new one I used a while ago.

The antenna is where it is labelled and I have circled.

A little more awkward, because it slopes down the “back” but still implant useable

I’ll add it to the Payment terminal sheet on the matrix now also

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There’s a newer terminal about that size that’s just starting to show up here and there, but the above ruiner of dreams is here to stay for a while at 98% of the places I shop

That’s mostly what we have around here too. What’s your implant form factor? I’m hoping it’ll be good with the Apex Mega.

Pcb flex payment conversion

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I’ll post a picture later of the best terminal over used for my implant and also the worst (surprise the worst is Verifone but not the one you think)