Walletmor or payment conversion service

I live in the US and I’m trying to figure out what the best option between walletmor or the DT payment conversion option is for me. I am not sure of the differences and the pros/cons of each. Thank everyone in advance for all the help.

WalletMor is for Europe, The DT Conversion is for converting a tap to pay device. In the US the usual choice is to convert a PureWrist device into an implant.


Here’s more info on the Purewrist conversion.


Awesome. Thank you all so much. I was initially planning on the purewrist conversion but I saw walletmor on DT and was curious if it would work in the US and/or if it would be a better option.

I would look into the fees if I was you.

I expect Walletmor would not be your best option in the US