Walletmor, payment implant dropping October?

not yet

unfortunately no. this has way more to do with how the USA still operates than anything… but it will make sense why the EU is the only region supported once we get details out there.


I’m not interested in walletmor but once it launches and works, that means payment is figured out and the apex is one step closer
Edit: nevermind, he just confirmed that it’s europe only…

in a sense this it true… because it will help nudge the entire payments industry toward implants which it has been so fearful of.


Yay! I’m assuming apex is still just waiting on the big boys to get onboard then…

So back to looking at the pure wrist conversion service, for 36 months… hmm

Well, no offesnse meant to Amal, but this is a product that people can get here and now (realitively) as there are no other options.

Apex has been in the works for a long time. This post is from 2 years ago. I am assuming the Vivokey Flex is now known as Apex.

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Correct assumption. Pretty much.
Name change, with chip change, and multiple form factors options (Vivokey flex was, funnily enough, just a flex)

A rose by any other name would still be a Vivokey implantable :wink:

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So confused

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About what?

Apex… vivokey flex… etc

All I understand is supposedly a payment option is someday coming from vivokeyw

Readers digest version

Vivokey is a seperate company from DT
Amal is the Big boss man of both.

Vivokey Flex One (Beta) was the multipurpose flex device including potential payment capability that was in development the Chip it was built round was deemed not suitable, thus Vivokey Flex One (Beta) was shelved and Vivokey Apex was born ( currently still in development )

The new chip is far more capable and stable
(Company) Vivokey
(Product line) Apex
(Form factor) Flex (Flex wedge like DTs, length TBD) Max (Glass implantble like DTs Size TBD)…maybe more



I knew vivokey was the other company but the rest was getting all mixed up, and wether or not the apex would actually work for payment

That my friend, is The million dollar question.
It will be definitely be capable of doing so, it is not a technology issue, but rather getting the financial institutions on board.
Remember, even without the payment function the Apex line will still be a powerful and capable device, and I will still be getting one regardless.

Vivokey, Walletmor, DT, Poland, US… Of course what nobody knows about is the two Irish companies, the Dutch company doing business with both, and the Panamanian company where all the proceeds are funneled to. Not to mention of course the Cayman Islands company Amal’s private jet and superyacht officially belong to - ya know, for when he grows tired of high-octane living and he needs some time away from it all :slight_smile:

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It’s a shell game haha



If I guess which one the Apex is under do I get to keep it? :wink:


Yes you get to keep the coconut gif


This message arrived today:


Thank you for your interest in Walletmor! We are still developing on our website and will launch the ambassadorship campaign in 2 weeks. For now, it is not possible to purchase a service on our website. Please note that, as we stated in the description, in order to open an account in the financial institution which can be linked with our implants, you need to be an EEA citizen or permanent resident.

If you are indeed an EEA citizen we will be happy to offer you the ambassadorship package. The price of sure service will be 199 euro. You will receive the notification once that website is live


There’s also the uncertain service for 99 euros, and the unlikely service for the low-low-price of 69.99 :slight_smile:


Just read through (almost?) all of the page - not that there is much, yet :wink: - and it sounds interesting… still, I don’t really understand all of it…
For one, I think it is quite brave to state that the implant is sterilized (chlorhexidine isn’t sterilizing, as far as I know, but only sanitizing) and that it cannot cause an infection - if something goes wrong during installation or aftercare, people (who are less accustomed to modifying stuff) might point at that and get angry :wink:
And I still don’t get how the payment itself works - is it connected to my bank account, to a credit card, is it charged with some amount of money by myself… I guess I just might be very stupid, but I didn’t really find much about that. Reading all that banking-stuff in english doesn’t make it that much easier for me :smiley:
Oh, and why can my personal data be transferred to software developers or “accounting firms”?