Walletmor Payment Implant FAQ

First mass market payment implant

Dangerous Things is working with Walletmor to launch the world’s first mass market payment implant product. Yes, other payment implants have already existed, including the conversions we sell in our store… but these are products made by biohackers, made for biohackers, and sold to biohackers. Walletmor’s ambition is to produce a mass market solution for everyone by presenting the idea of human augmentation via payment device implants to the general public as a common sense and logical option. In many ways, this is a first who’s time has come, and this is what we mean when we say “first”.

Who is manufacturing the Walletmor implant?

Dangerous Things is fully encapsulating the Walletmor payment chip with our custom antenna coil using our tried and true biopolymer coating process.

Who can buy / use / purchase the Walletmor payment implant?

Currently the Walletmor payment implant can only be used by citizens inside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. The implant itself can then be used globally, anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

Will the Walletmor payment implant ever expire like a credit card?

Yes, at this time the only technology available for payment implants is one which does expire like a credit card does. This is the first step in bringing payment implants to market, and the goal for us is that by the time your Walletmor implant expires and needs replacing, we will have a solution for you that will last at least a decade if not longer before needing to be replaced.

How long will the Walletmor implant last until it expires?

The exact expiration date will be somewhat randomized amongst the chips converted into implants, but at this time we are looking at expiration dates of approximately 5 years from date of purchase.

Will the Walletmor payment implant work with my bank?

For details on which banks the Walletmor payment implant works with and how to link it, check out https://walletmor.com/pages/faqs or send a message to [email protected]

Will VivoKey work with Walletmor or be used for payment?

That is the long term goal, to launch Walletmor payment services on the VivoKey platform, specifically products that utilize the VivoKey Apex chip (Apex Max, Apex Flex, etc.). At this time however, the Walletmor payment implant is a stand-alone payment device and is not associated in any way with VivoKey yet.