Walletmor - some questions

You can’t write anything to Walletmor. It’s not open for making any changes.

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Could you register the UID with a compatible system?


If the system supports that you can enroll it

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Thanks Amal for the quick reply!

@mrln So if I have a door that can read the UID, I can hook it up?
Is there an overview over supported standards that work with walletmor’s chip?

Not really, It’s kind of a suck and see…But you would likely be looking for a Basic HF UID lock.

You can check out the compatibility matrix, and find other HF implants with 7 Byte UIDs Like the NExT implant , xDF2, FlexDF2, FlexDF, FlexNT etc…

This doesn’t guarentee that it will work, but will at least increase your chances



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Hi folks,

Sorry to interrupt your conversation about sucking and seeing.

But, I’ve been trying to use my walletmor implant (still in its plastic bag) before the installation but had no success so far.
I have tried it at multiple different readers all with a similar result: Card Payment Error/Card Failed.
The iCard app which the implant is linked to works flawlessly with all these readers.
I got the implant from Germany but I am currently oversees, do you think that could be an issue?
When I get the error from the implant, the app does not show any sign of an activation(which I assume would happen in case of a declined payment).

I would really like to have at least one successful try before the installation to make sure it’s working.

Did anyone else experience something similar and then once the implant was installed it still worked?

@GoodSoup I’ve just added you to a private group
there is some terminal reader info in this thread


also check the matrix Payment terminal page.

Just be aware that the implants are tuned for the correct frequency (13.65MHz) when actually implanted…well thats the theory anyway

Typically it’s not a tuning issue though it’s usually learning to present to the terminal in the right place with the right orientation and the right way (tapping down not sliding around)

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yeah. i should have quantified my statement.

Approach and orientation are far more important.

The quantifier for my tuning statement is;

coupling should be better when actually implanted than what will be observed when approach and orientation is found

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Coupling is better… but just by like a few % at best. That can make the difference in some installations but the decreased space between reader and chip in an uninstalled implant by far outstrips that advantage when installed

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Why does tapping vs sliding make a difference? I’ve noticed that sometimes too

basically it has to do with power and bandwidth.


Thank you for the extremely informative video :slight_smile:

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Sorry to revive a dead topic but is there an option to auto-fill the waletmor or do you have to manually add credit each time?

As I know it’s a topup card, so yes. They explain it in one video at their youtube channel.

Hi Amal, I purchased Walletmor chip and it didn’t arrive. Order #2066.Why don’t you reply to my emails? Any problems? Thank you

Amal is only loosly associated with Walletmor.

You will need to contact Walletmor directly.

I’m sure they will be able to answer your questions.
I’ll drop a @wojtek here, but he may not see it, so still contact him directly via Walletmor