The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I’d say something around the 300 or 400 dollar mark like a 1070 or 2060. They’re not the best of the best and also not garbage. I run a 1070ti in my desktop and it can do most games at a minimum of 60fps at 1440p.


Especially with the gpu prices dropping rapidly (they’ll be even lower now that the 4080 and 4090 was announced to release in October)

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Why not lasers?

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Its still in really early alpha phase… Who knows how long its gonna take for good results.

I have a uncut blurry out of focus video that shows a few minutes of my work

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Instagram because it won’t load right

And yes I know you aren’t from AU, but it seemed funny and appropriate

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It was funny, but actually really accurate.
NZ and Australian cultures / slang are VERY similar, we have the same rivalry and ribbing as USA and Canada.

Im not sure if that is also not a common term

I don’t know why Americans are so bothered by a word…it is just a word.
I remember the days when “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” was a thing, but now there are soo many fucken people that are precious little cunts and get offended by the smallest things.

To me, it is all about the intent of the word - But at the end of the day, it is still just a word!
As explained in the video, but to relate it to the forum:
I would happily call Amal a good cunt, and indeed that is a term of endearment of the highest order.

The TV series " The Boys " , The actor Karl Urban is a Kiwi, playing a Pom in an American show.
I think his use of the word CUNT really cringy, BUT only because it doesn’t sound natural, to me, he sounds like a Kiwi doing an English Accent.
I still love the show.



It’s a pretty dated term at this point, feels like something from a boomer

I think we just normally call it “giving someone a hard time”, I think “just playin” I think teasing is often more deliberate

Rosco? Is that you? How’d you hack Pilgrim? :rofl:

But in seriousness, you aren’t wrong…
Something went wrong from when I was a kid to now

I’m all for not tolerating hate and bullying… but somehow it’s swung to far the other way


Sounds like something from a boomer :wink:


Thems fighting words,
I’m a millennial…


Haha I get cunt and the difference there… but suck… it’s so far off the intended meaning there’s just no way for me to imagine massaging it into an alternative to “try”… it sticks in my lingual system like a sideways screwdriver down a plumbshaft. How’s that one grab ya?



As an Australian (the better looking Kiwis), I can say it is a common but somewhat older expression used here too. It does sound perfectly normal to me but I get what you are saying.


Typical West New Zealand comment :new_zealand: :australia: :wink:


Calm down north Antarctica


This is one of the better conversations to wake up to XD


A 75 year old lady ran a red light and hit me.

She asked to not go through insurance and for us to get a quote and she will pay it.

This cunt refuses now to pay anything.

She lives in a small town on several boards, so I plan to stand out side a few of those places with " insert her name here is a lying cunt"

She won’t think it is endearing.

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As another e3v2 user, it’s great

True :wink:
But I think it might be a problem of online communication…
To differentiate between the various meanings a word can have, especially if it’s a word that can be used derogatory, it is necessary to note the setting in which the word is used, the facial expression and general body language, the tone of the voice etc. - all this doesn’t happen in written communication. So when Pilgrim calls someone here a cunt, we all know it’s okay because we all know Pilgrim by now. When I first read it, I was surprised and slightly irritated, because I didn’t knew before it could be meant in a friendly way as well :wink:

So this might just be the results of all that - we all know how hard it can be to see irony or sarcasm online, and far too often, people get angry about things online they might even laugh about in the offline world…
And of course, words can actually hurt (and language actually forms reality) - but unlike sticks and stones, you can stand up and fight back with the same tools.


No she shouldn’t, because