Walletmor & VivoKey

Hello everyone!

There have been questions floating around about Walletmor and my involvement as CTO. I can confirm I am working with Wojtek Paprota (CEO) and Walletmor.

VivoKey has, for a long time, been focused on bringing implant based contactless payment to the market. The problems doing so ranged from technical to political. In recent years the technical challenges have all fallen away, yet the political issues remain stubbornly entrenched. In the mean time, VivoKey had to keep moving forward, so we built an identity platform and launched the Spark 1 and then the Spark 2, and now we are working on the Apex smartcard implant release.

Many people who are waiting for the Apex to launch have tied their hopes for a tokenized, non-expiring payment implant to Apex… and with good reason. The Apex will launch with Visa and MasterCard payment applets loaded and Fidesmo Pay keys encoded. However, we still do not have clearance from Visa or MasterCard to enable these applets for payment. The process for doing so will undoubtedly involve a long, complicated process of wooing the right people and putting 100% focus on implantable payment for the foreseeable future… but the vision and scope of VivoKey is not limited to just payment, so rather than sharply narrow our focus, we have taken an approach that rallies key partners to develop narrow-focus applications on the VivoKey platform. They focus 100% on a particular application, while VivoKey continues to develop the applications platform to support more possibilities.

Walletmor is completely focused on the payment implant space. The first Walletmor product offering is not based on the Apex implant. It does have an expiration date and will eventually need to be removed. However, the goal of Walletmor is to bring tokenized payment to the VivoKey platform. The Walletmor ambassador program will help fund this initiative, prove the market to investors, put a blip on the radar of the payment networks, and pave the way toward making Apex based payment a reality.

I am looking forward to seeing where we can go together.

Amal :wink:


Just a quick update to this post… As of August 2022, I am no longer CTO or equity shareholder in Walletmor. We continue to maintain friendly relations, and Dangerous Things continues to manufacture Walletmor devices, but it was time to decide where to put my priorities. My dedication to VivoKey is paramount, so it was necessary to cut executive ties with Walletmor and focus on bringing the promise of VivoKey to fruition.