Want to get Vivokey implanted on the 11.12.2022 or later

Hi! I’m new in the Bodymod space and the only implant I want right now is the Vivokey or any other chip on the 11.12.2022 to hold my gpg key.

I want to implant it that day since I’m 18 by then and that should give me ample time to set up my PKI, so I need to know where can I get it done by professionals?

I’m a Nix open source developer and I’m thinking of incorporating sometime 2022/23 so I’d very much like to have proper PKI setup by then to hire other people via the internet.


really depends on your location but this might help

if you don’t have anyone on the map near you, check out this guide on approaching a professional who would be capable of doing the install.

It looks like your nearest option on the map would be Andrea Venhaus in Dortmund (http://www.deepmetal.de/). But if you ask someone might have personal recommendations.

I can personally recommend two artists - if it’s “only” an xSeries implant, you might want to visit Anatomie in Münster (ask for Thomas), if it’s something more complicated or flexy, Arnulf at Stigmata Inc. in Cologne is a great guy.
Both have done quite a lot of funny stuff to my body, so feel free to ask if you want to know more :wink:


By the end of 2022 it is quite possible that both the Apex Flex and Apex Max will be available so it might well be a choice between those two.

Would you recommend either Thomas or Arnulf especially over the other? That might add to the choice between the Flex and the Max.

As a suggestion, @elikoga, you might want to consider an Apex Ring if they are available before the end of 2022 to get started with the Vivokey infrastructure.

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Mh, not really - both are very skilled, and both are wonderful people as well. You get treated equally well in both studios.
For me, Thomas is sitting in my hometown, so it’s really easy for me to get the “usual” stuff done there - xSeries, piercings, tattoos (from his colleague) and also stuff like removing sutures and such. Some kind of a second living room for me :smile:
To visit Arnulf, I have to take a two-hour train ride (twice^^), so that’s only for the special stuff like silicone implants, scarification and flexies :wink:

So ultimately, I’d say plan ahead… @elikoga , if you plan to ever do anything unusual, bodmod-wise, I’d recommend going to Arnulf, so you can see if you like him and the way he works and get acquainted with him. If not, Thomas is a great choice as well :wink:

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