Watch Mod Magic Mifare + NTAG213

A long time since I’ve had time to sit down and do an nfc mod. Nothing special, but something that I actually found useful in my day to day. For those who haven’t seen it, Serepick did a vid not too long ago on the hype of flipperzero and the casio F-91w. Basically a magic mifare inside the case of the watch. Well im a big fan of the KISS principle. So instead of messing about trying to fit something in such a small space with my sausage sized fingers, I opted for the much simpler method of fitting an nfc coil and sticker inside a gshock bezel instead. There are probably some waterproofing options utilising more fabric glue but this was just a first attempt.

The coil is a mifare nuid (gen1a if you prefer) and the sticker is an ntag 213.


You know what? Sure why not. Maybe it will be something interesting for those new to nfc.

Model is gshock dw5600-bbm.

Copying device used was a flipper zero, but of course there’s more than one way to skin a cat, so feel free to use a proxmark, pn532, acru122u or whatever else you feel to use.

Plus a little bonus demo vid for you too. I couldn’t demo the ntag 213 as I dont have a tripod and I’m not an octopus (unfortunately).


i can see collision being a potential problem here as they both operate on the same frequency and would be introduced to the same field at the same time

Possibly but honestly the distance between and the opposite angles combined with the relatively shit field configurations of most readers, I think it’ll be fine.

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Understandable, but as demo’d, no collision. The distance was suitable, the mifare was on the top edge of the bezel and read fine. The ntag is along the bottom edge and read fine with the phone. I also used it on other building access points in the lobby and side gates without any collision issues.

The original intention was just to have the mifare coil but i got greedy. An alternative would be replacing the ntag with an lf tag.

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