We might have a new member soon

Today we welcomed a trainee at work. The guy is still in school. He’s 18-some years old, and he’s doing a training course in our production department. Nice kid and all, but otherwise quiet-like and standoffish like a typical Finn. We spent the whole morning passing each other in the corridor without exchanging a word. I was busy doing my things, he was busy organizing his desk and tools.

And then he saw me get into the warehouse without the company card and he went completely ape. What-why-how-where-how-much!?!! I couldn’t get him to calm the fuck down. He asked it all, he wanted to see and feel it all. At some point I was afraid he was going to frisk me :slight_smile:

He read about people wearing implants but never met one. Now he has. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ordered a glassie and booked an appointment at the local piercer tonight.


I just love it when people react like that - it’s rare and wonderful :wink:

But it seems like your workmates like the extremes? Either almost puking because of an implant, or totally freakin out in the positive way :smile:


haha can’t wait to welcome him to the fold :slight_smile:


He’s not the first one I meet who loses his shit.

My queasy workmate however was the first person - and to date the only person - who reacted that way. I’ve met a lot of people cringing at the idea, but he’s the only one who physically got sick. He’s gotten much better though.

As for people who get super-excited, I must admit I’ve only met them here in Finland. I wonder if it’s a contrast thing - like, they so so quiet and even-tempered at normal times that when they do get excited, they go all the way. Most people I met elsewhere were interested, possibly very interested, but didn’t go banana.

All my other colleagues show measured interest, apart from my boss who regularly asks me what I’ll implant next :slight_smile:

Well, if he don’t show up here, you’ll probably see him come online on the DT mind control network :slight_smile:


I got also sometimes a comment on tiktok: “Where can I get one?” I’m note sure if this is a real question or a fake one,…"
It happens also on instagram or facebook, that people ask, where they can buy the implants.

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