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So I was scrolling through Reddit today when I came across a meme on cannibalism which spawned an interesting conversation in the comments. I was lead down a rabbit hole to this AMA of a guy who had his foot amputated and cooked it to share with his friends.

They knew what they were eating and he had it amputated because it was never going to work again after a motorcycle accident. Well that made me think of this community where I know a lot of people are ready to amputate their arms, legs, eyes, and whatever else as soon as something better comes along. So here’s the question, would you eat the left overs from that surgery?

Financially speaking I’m sure an elective surgery for a robotic arm would be expensive so getting a few meals out of it would be nice. Socially speaking is it really that different from the trend of eating your afterbirth? IDK man I’d probably want to try it. What do you think?

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I’d be interested to know what human flesh tastes like, plus there’s a bit of a novelty factor too. I do find it funny that people who eat meat of other animals think eating human flesh is disgusting or unthinkable. I guess there’s a lot of social conditioning, moralistic and psychological reasons why that’s valid, but still…


I am a vegan and I have 0 objections to this, however the idea of any sort of meat after so many years of not eating it is just disturbing to me, even the realistic meat substitutes are not for me because of this mental block I seem to have. But definitely food for thought…


Same argument for people that drink cows milk in their coffee but wouldn’t put human breast milk in it, even though it is more “natural” to drink milk from your own species…but that is a whole different thread



Really glad the first response wasn’t calling me a weirdo. :sweat_smile: Now of course cannibalism is awful if it involves murder or if the person eating it doesn’t know it’'s human flesh. But in this scenario there really isn’t any morally questionable ideas.

Well, I know plenty of people that can’t eat Walmart beef, but grass-fed, organic beef doesn’t upset their stomach in the same way. “You are what you eat”…


So that would make me a legume… % wise. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have used this reasoning from the other side trying to explain how I feel about animal meat.
“Would you eat human meat? Ohh that is really disturbing to you, interesting. I am the same it just extends to all meat”

I am curios at what points people consider the pros to overtake the cons for this.
For me personally the sense of feeling would have to be at least as good regardless of any other advantages it provides. Also power supply would be a significant factor for me, if it has some power cell that lasts a significant period I would be okay but I doubt I would be okay with a “daily charging” sort of situation.


I’m ready to be an early adopter to any sort of cyborg technology as long as the platform is completely open, wouldn’t interfere with my professional life, and does not pose a greater threat than driving. Even if I have to charge 4 times a day, someone has to be an early adopter and I know the potential.


I’ll give you my answer in picture form.


I don’t think I would. I know all the crap that goes into my body, I don’t think I’d taste very good. Lol other than that I don’t see a problem just remember when it comes to the brain replacement, don’t eat that or you get some weird disease.


Nope. Not a chance in hell. I would tan my skin because of my tattoos.

Pork. Called long pigfor a reason. I have been around my fair share of burning bodies to believe it. I don’t eat pork or cook it because of the smell.

Been considering this for a while. I tried eating steak the other day, and struggled with the texture.

Tried it before. Taste like sugary cereal milk.

Go to a church and ask. I think you asked one of the more open minded communities. Pretty sure most peoples train of though it, your body, your choice.


I would never say never, You don’t know what you would do in a survival situation :leg: :poultry_leg:

But taking that out of the equation, There are plenty of animals I wouldn’t eat because of my own stance and appreciation for the animal.
Dolphins, Dogs, Orca, Orangutan, Whale, Stingrays…
I respect these animals far more than most humans

But there are animals I also appreciate, that I do eat, like the Octopus

I don’t really like cats ( there are exceptions ) but I wouldn’t eat a cat.

My stance on cats

I think they are amazing animals and really good predators, but as pets, Nope. I have met a few good ones, but generally, cats are cunts; Sorry @leumas95 :crying_cat_face:
The way I look at it, if that cat was a human with those same personality traits, would I be friends with it. More often than not, the answer would be no.
Generally cats are selfish, self involved, needy and using me as a way to get what it wants… Fuck you kitty cat.
If it shows loyalty and affection ( bringing dead mice etc ), greets you with unconditional love, not just because it wants food.
wanting to play, just because ( I had a mate whose cat would play fetch with a balled-up piece of paper )…
So if a cat is like a dog, then that is a good cat.

I wouldn’t eat a spider, I have had the opportunity to eat a tarantula, but didn’t purely because I like spiders :spider: @ThexTallxDude
I have eaten a few sorts of insects, grubs and worms.
In 20 years we will all be eating insects as common place anyway…

As far as placentophagy goes, I would grade that the same as coprophagy :poop: … so the answer is NOPE.

Would I eat a human???..
Would they be seasoned?
Any condiments?
But really
Depends what they taste like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :tongue:


TBH we all eat ourself, all through our life :sweat_smile: take dead cells from our mouths as an example :sweat_smile:
I’d bet all of us have eaten a crust frome a wound at some point, or eaten a nail :sweat_smile:

Thus this makes us all kind of cannibals if you think it through :sweat_smile::rofl:


Oh, I guess I took his question as like, willingly. As in cut your arm off and eat it. I for sure would eat someone if I had to survive and it was literally my last option. Even then, it would be bare minimum I had to have to survive.


I have considered this. The wife said she would try it once, they have kits for your kitchen to grow your own.


Spoken like a true non-cat owner :rofl: No hate, no hate, I used to feel the same… but then I spent time with cats and now it’s a completely different story.

Some of them are actually fucking delicious, too!

There are also a lot of studies that show eating the placenta doesn’t actually benefit you in any significant way. Most animals do it as to not attract predators. I’m not against it, but from a strictly nutritional standpoint it seems it’s not worth it. Symbolically, spiritually etc. - different story but yah!


I am more of a dog person tbh, they just do not suite my lifestyle at the moment. But I love all animals assholes or not :stuck_out_tongue:
Bella also seems to not fall into the asshole cat category and more fits your description of “if a cat is like a dog, then that is a good cat” but I also have kitty friends that do not and I love them too :heart_eyes_cat:

Out of curiosity what separates these out for you?

If it is intelligence, pigs are up there with them :thinking:

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I taught an environmental science class to undergrads a few terms. We were discussing sustainable food sources and made a deal with a student that if they made food from these sources we could have them in class. We had cookies with cricket flour. I didn’t really taste a difference but if you smelled the bag of just cricket flour there was a definite soil-like smell.


I would one day like to bake with this. Sounds fun and like a good way to introduce people to bugs.

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Not the complete list, and yes, pigs on on my list too, yeah intelligence plays a big part, I wouldn’t call stingrays intelligent, although they did kill Steve Irwin ( Surely that is not too soon) but stingrays are amazing to just watch, in the same category as Turtles, I wouldn’t eat a turtle…
Really there are a lot of amazing animals, Some I would eat others I wouldn’t…

I do like all animals also, and don’t get me wrong with cats, I will happily pat a cat, but they would not be my go-to as a companion.
I stand by my statement " If that cat was a human, would you be friends with it "


I eat bugs. In fact, before moving to my new country, I used to have a terrarium with crickets for grilled snacks to go with my beers. Cheapest foodstuff you never saw: you feed them newspapers (which the postman would provide aplenty in my mailbox every day) and they multiply and fatten like no tomorrow.