Well, if nobody else is gonna

Happy Pi Day!!! :pie:


I always forget about that one, since the rest of the world doesn’t have their dates backwards. If only April had 31 days, we could get a PI day too. Haha.

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Haha, I know, it is very weird
I actually find this Stuff interesting, they call it middle-endedness ( spelling?? ) All other countries use Big and/ or Little-endedness, of which either makes sense ( Logical ) - middle-endedness is just - Well, you make your own conclusion

Either way it was yesterday for me…
I prefer pancake day anyway :pancakes:


Close, endianness

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I’ll take that, I should have just looked it up. Oh well

What mathematical concept does that celebrate?

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You know what Pi is… right? Pancakes definitely count! :smiley:

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1 pancake.
2 pancakes.
3 panca Dammit, now I’m hungry.


Granted it is not as useful or as well known as π, but they are measured in stacks (6) or half stacks (3)…:pancakes: Base 6 is used in time, is time a mathematical concept?

Totally counts

I don’t celebrate Shrove Tuesday, but I celebrate the shit out of Pancake Tuesday…mmmmmm, lemon Juice and Sugar covered pancakes…Now I’m hungry :pancakes:

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And… It’s Taco Teusday here. But that’s mostly for the purposes of alliteration.

Between that, our “endianness”, and the quaint notion of metrics with demical numbering systems, it’s like a whole different country or something. :crazy_face:

Actually it’s kind of cool hearing the differences. You ever hear of the chinese “Single’s Day”? It’s Nov, 11 or 11/11 and it’s a day to splurge upon yourself if you’re single. Thought it was funny the first time I heard it, but now it kinda makes sense.

Yeah, but my first time hearing it was only in November 2018, I remember because I saw a big group of Chinese gathered in a city square, and I was wondering why they were gathered to celebrate / remember the 100 year anniversary of Armistice day image ( They weren’t), Which is a bigger deal here in NZ… But yeah, it does Totally makes sense

Happy Pi day!