Well that'll work

Wonder how many have wiggled the faux antenna in search of better performance…




Pff… What idiot would buy a device like this. At least I know my 5G BioShield with proprietary holographic nano-foil catalyst technology is the real McCoy. Yeah bitches, I ain’t no sucker. Nosiree!


Ha ha what sort of snake oil is this! Now I’m gonna waste 4 hours of my time researching it all :roll_eyes:

It’s all legit dude. It’ll shield you against 5G, coronavirus, and it’ll tell you who killed JFK and Tupak. I shit you not!

EDIT: I’m still waiting for it to tell me where Jimmy Hoffa is though. I might ask for a refund…

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Think my neighbour has one. I thought my lack of shortwave reception was due to the 11 year sun spot minimum. I’m not so sure now. They must have the big bastard with over spill into my property. At least now I’ve less brain fog and my newly hatched Guppy fishes don’t have scoliosis…I’m reading the reviews!

It’s due to the guvment tracking your implants. All them GPS radar microwaves done mess up with radio stations!

come on guys… you’ll attract the pestilent zombie horde here to this thread with all that noise.


You’d have to be a dribbling simpleton to take anything in this thread seriously. We set the irony detection bar pretty low on this one I reckon :slight_smile:

Have you seen what Google has wrought on the Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched thread?!?

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I actually blocked that thread. Can’t even see it.

Cause there are genuinely ill people there that I cannot help no matter what I say or do.
Cause there are trolls in there that I can’t slap the stupid out of.


hence my desire to keep that kind of crazy contained there! :slight_smile:

I knew the crazies were a sensitive subject, but not so much that it becomes tricky to joke about them even a little bit. Sorry I didn’t mean to stir trouble.

no no not trouble… just needed to put a little stake in the ground that’s all… if it were actual trouble i’d have removed the posts :slight_smile: you’re good.

to clarify further, I chose my words carefully… horde is accurate, because the onslaught is constant and they have a habit of building numbers rapidly. I deal with these people on a daily basis and work angles and strategies to keep things from overwhelming the community. A recent example is the RFID Implantees group on FB… what’ll happen is one person will get past my filter and profile inspection and get in… they lay low for a while, then they start inviting friends to come in… and sometimes I wake up with like 40+ join requests in the queue… but at least FB shows you when the join request was from an invite from a group member… and it’s like 40 people all from the same person like they just went down their friends list and invited everyone (because yes, they only have 40 FB friends)… anyway… it’s just a strategy to keep this forum and all community channels as clean as possible.

Shitposts and nutjob diatribes are like digital graffiti … let a little stay up and there will be more… a lot more… very quickly… and likewise, I am leaving that one thread up so it will attract all the nutzos there and they will (hopefully) leave the rest of our pristine forum alone.


Yeah yeah, it’s only for mild cases here :slight_smile:

And… another good reason not to do FB. But I suppose you kinda have to in your position.

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That’s still 40 more than me!
And thats the way I likes it :+1:

That’s the unfortunate truth of it