What are some implants/modifications you all would like to see in the future?

For me I’d like to see something like a pressure sensor or gesture based implants. So I squeeze my forearm quickly 3 times for example, and the output could be whatever I wanted. Electromagnets that are controlled the same way and get energy from body heat or even stealing nutrients somehow from my body and turning it into energy. Something i think would be really cool is some sort of device that manipulates how your voice sounds or even amplifies the volume of your voice. Some of these seem realistic to me others are more sci-fi. But cool to think about nonetheless! I know we all want to make payments with chips but what about after that? What are you all excited for?


I would like an implantable Babel fish type translation device. That’s one of the use-cases I’m hoping for when I finish my work on optimizing the tragus implant. Couple it with your phone.


I want a neural lace. Hell, even a two-electrode affair would work for me: I’m a ham and I can do morse code at 40 wpm. So I could do something cool even with one digital channel.

I won’t get it of course because I’m mister Nobody, and not Kevin Warwick. But if by some extraordinary chance there was a research project that outside volunteers would participate in, I’d sign up in a heartbeat.

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I wanna see 3D Bioprinting become refined and more available. I had a dream ~15 years ago of 3D printing the cartilage framework for ears (think pointy elf ears etc) and attaching them with sheets of lab grown skin over top.

It’s just a matter of time, right?

Combine 3D Bioprinting with some tech/implants and things start to get very interesting.


Digital storage of memories, eyes that record to storage (think about downloading your memories for when your older). Implated mobile phone/wireless communicator. Real heads up display (GPS right in front of you, build instructions while assembling something.


I want to see things in general that arent constantly power and connected to a network and/or myself. I dont like the idea of someone being able to bypass my sight for instance and kind of man in the middle what I’m seeing.

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Some kind of implantable headphones. That’s all I want lol.


We already kind of have those, if you implant magnets into your tragus you can excite them with a field and they will vibrate like a speaker.


Keeping it simple. I’d like to see some non RFID applications. There’s only so many locks I need to get through.

I love the idea of a 55hz xLED. (to be used as non contact live circuit detector)

Data storage. BIG data. 1gb and up.

Some form of interactive control. Something I can do (internally), that will cause an implant to react. Mostly cause this is the launching point for interactive implants.

SAFE on board power. Basically safe batteries made using fUTureTeCH!!!

Viable sensing magnets. Or any sensory enhancement. I recall reading a few years ago about night vision eyedrops, that actually had an effect. They worked short term, but still…


+1 on a 55Hz xLED, built in Non Contact Voltage stick would be very convenient and potentially even a literal life saver!

A little while ago I would have said a 2-in-1 xEM and xM1, but not as much anymore since i caved and just ordered them already :stuck_out_tongue:

A few things that were on my wish list seem like they’ll be ticked off by the Apex (I use a Yubikey for 2FA, will be nice to not have to carry one!)

Basically, @amal is killing it already! (Bonus points if you can get on that 55Hz xLED though! Even more if it blinks red quickly when in a field instead of just lighting up!)


I would like magnetic implant for feeling and lifting to come back

Also, a xNeXT that also has RGB LED that is programmable


I would like to just be able to unlock my phone when I pick it up to be honest. Maybe a BLE implant powered by NFC?

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Or even an implantable watch


I haven’t worn a watch for 20 years because there’s just no point: unless you’re alone in the sticks or in a desert, there’s almost always a clock within eyesight around you - or people to ask the time to, if worse comes to worst. I’ve hardly ever had to wonder what time it was.

Better: when you don’t have the time immediately available at your wrist, your brain’s inner sense of time gets better, and you can guestimate the time correctly much longer after you last read it.

An implantable watch is definitely something I would avoid for myself, as I feel it would diminish my mental abilities.

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Ya but I don’t see the difference between using those or just getting bone conduction headphones.

Tragus implants are always there and not visible compared to headphones.

It’s invisible. If you can conceal the coil emitting the magnetic field, in the collar of a shirt for instance, nobody knows you’re receiving audio.

You make great points as to why this product wouldn’t be for you then.

I work in heathcare, specifically research, it would be nice to have one on my forearm because I have need for accurate timing.

Plus, what if it could vibrate or gently shock you (think someone gently rubbing their fingers over you trying to tickle you) to wake you up? That would be great.


Second list after further thoughts,

55hz led as said above (as a flex for longer range).

Big data, able to download movies etc but at a physically smaller size than peg leg.

Tactile feed back would be cool ideally tied into wireless system thing of it like a force feedback in you finger tips.

And programmable I.e. arduino/fpga or something entirely programmable even cooler if you could have external connectors to attach peripherals.

Sensors sensor and more sensors, heart beat, blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature but longer range (think iot but not shit):rofl:


Pretty sure some Engineering students proved this wrong during finals. Or I should say the Profs. did… :rofl:

There is absolutely no way that someone doesn’t put such an implant in an ahem adult area. I’m just sayin…

I’m down with that, as long as I can go on the back of the hand.

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