What are you buying with your 50% DISCOUNT


Discount Details

You will be given a 50% discount coupon code good for one year that can be applied to nearly all products in the DT store! This is not a one time use coupon… you will get up to 50% off for most products on any order for a whole year!

How good is that???

I am not getting a Titan, so I am not getting 50% off.

Therefore, I am living vicariously through all of you Titan :magnet: backers.

What are you getting, why and where are you putting it?

  • flexM1, I may need it one day, wrist
  • spark 2, the forum, desk
  • blinky stuff, it blinks, hands

I hope the coupon applies to DT services!
I want custom blinky stuff, many blinky.

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Lol no afaik @Vicarious also got a titan.


:laughing: , well played


Maybe flexnext? I am not sure yet (wrist)


:sweat_smile: and for who hasn’t bought the titan ???

Probably gonna get a flexMT, possibly a flexDF too. Also planning on an I2C card and a blue cloner, in non-implant purchases.

flexMT is for cloning my transit pass, flexDF would be for high capacity storage with the possibility of using it in a secret project later on. flexMT is gonna go on my right arm, higher up (closer to the elbow), and the flexDF will probably go L4

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Ooooh, you tease

Are the readers at elbow height?
FYI The range on the FlexMT is really good

I’m actually planning on getting a set of dermal anchors on my right wrist to magnetically hold a custom enclosure for my smartwatch, so a mirror of my flexNExT isn’t really possible, so between that and the transit readers being pretty close to that height, I feel like it would be a good spot for it.


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Hopefully, an Apex Max in R0 :sunglasses:


This is the time when Amal doubles all the prices so you are still paying full price.



And you?

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Unfortunately not a Titan backer. I’ll also have to live vicariously through the rest of you.


I would love to have sth like that, but I’ve also heard that keeping it clean and healthy is such a pain in the ass…


Honestly I have no specific plans for the 50% coupon yet… :thinking: also “nearly all products in the DT store” doesn’t mean “all of them” …so I take the time to think about it :grin:
For me the Titan is something special. I mean there will be a whole new sense for me to explore very soon, which is one of the most awesome things that I can imagine right now! :star_struck:
At the moment I am working on design ideas for the custom monogram.

I’m actually planning on a flexMT, I think… not yet totally sure about it, but it sounds like a nice supplement to my flexNExT - and it has blinkies! :wink:
And of course, I’m very sure that over the timespan of one year, Amal will definitely bring up some new and unexpected stuff I immediatly need to have^^

It is, I was too lazy for it (still, they lasted eight years). If you’re dedicated, it might work.

I want a discount code for buy my NeXt :sob:

It will, but not at the 50% discount rate… services are, well, labor intensive :slight_smile: haha


I’ll be ordering two KBR1 readers, one ACS ACR122U… maybe more, depending on the stock and price of a certain product :slight_smile:

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seems ill be buying a new proxmark :cowboy_hat_face: