What are you making ⚒️ / 3D printing 🖨

Looks incredible!! :astonished:

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Oh my god that print looks so good. I really need to get my resin printer online. I’ve been putting it off due to the fumes. Do you use anything to vent/filter the resin fumes from your printer/curer?

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I should, but I’ve just got the window cracked. The fumes aren’t bad as long as I’ve got the lid on. I started looking into venting it like this with a computer fan somewhere inline.

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Woah that’s a pretty sweet hose setup. Definitely something I’m going to consider. I’ve mostly been putting it off since I was planning on making a whole enclosure to keep things contained… but you can see how much use I get out of my printer while I procrastinate that.

The only restriction I really have is not having easy access to a window. I rent and my printer is basically on the opposite side of the room from my only window, leaving the options to just opening the exterior door (or what I’m also planning) multiple inline filters and then just recirculating the air back into my room.

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One of the really cool effects you may not have realized yet is that you can print your pico parts
(I have no idea what this is btw) in large batches waaaaay quicker

Filament print time is roughly how much material you extrude

Resin is directly related to how tall the print is,

So let’s say 1 pico thing takes 20 minutes to print

If you can squish 50 onto your plate, that will also take 20 minutes


That was definitely a factor behind getting the resin printer. Want to start printing stuff for events with my drink/run club so it would be more efficient with the resin printer as well as look better.
I changed up the supports on the body of the pico and added 3 more sets and printing again. Hopefully this one comes out looking good, then I’ll print out 30 or so.
Pico is @Az_F’s project for messing around with magnets and is part of the functionality of his cyborg swiss tool app.

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Oh that thing… I thought this was an arduino Or raspberry “pico” or something and knew nothing about it

Try to go for “light” supports

Heck post a picture of your support structure

That’s a thing too actually :slight_smile:


Heh looks like a little capacitor city

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Are those medium supports or light?

I’d honestly do more, a nice ring around the outside edge to keep it from warping

They seemed to work well besides the larger piece was sitting on it’s side, not upright so the supports were on the PICO text and it made it rough. After this print is finished, I’ll try doing light supports on everything.

Yea I’d double your density and drop to light

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I like the lighter supports, but I did have some warping on the tinier cap piece and the lip on the body piece. I went ham with the left clicking and added more supports on all the pieces. Will give it another shot when I get back from a meet up this afternoon.

:crossed_fingers: hopefully this round of prints works out!

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Remove your supports first

Curing first will cause a rougher blemish


I swear I thought this was a clip from a sci fi movie. It has Jurassic park ripoff vibes :joy: Also they look like little meat tubes, I love them!

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Did you speed the clip up of the uv cure or does your turn Table spin that quick?

I feel like it’s some shady shit with all the gloves and filters and stuff working in the dark XD
Sacrificing my dresser to hold the printer and wash/cure station so I can have my ender going on my desk without jostling the resin printer. Picked up some translucent and clear green resin too. Got another batch printing with the translucent right now.

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Doing photography at home was significantly worse than operating a resin printer and I’ve never felt like it’s shady.

Back when I was using someone else’s resin printer, I never worried about the table vibrating. The Z axis rail on that machine was pretty solid. If anything, I disliked the smell and having to clean up afterwards. And I don’t think that small part cleaning machines existed for use with desktop resin printers.

Hopefully those two annoyances have improved since then.

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