What are you making ⚒️ / 3D printing 🖨

I swear I thought this was a clip from a sci fi movie. It has Jurassic park ripoff vibes :joy: Also they look like little meat tubes, I love them!

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Did you speed the clip up of the uv cure or does your turn Table spin that quick?

I feel like it’s some shady shit with all the gloves and filters and stuff working in the dark XD
Sacrificing my dresser to hold the printer and wash/cure station so I can have my ender going on my desk without jostling the resin printer. Picked up some translucent and clear green resin too. Got another batch printing with the translucent right now.

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Doing photography at home was significantly worse than operating a resin printer and I’ve never felt like it’s shady.

Back when I was using someone else’s resin printer, I never worried about the table vibrating. The Z axis rail on that machine was pretty solid. If anything, I disliked the smell and having to clean up afterwards. And I don’t think that small part cleaning machines existed for use with desktop resin printers.

Hopefully those two annoyances have improved since then.

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Was worried about neighbors outside looking in and seeing me carrying a dish of liquid to the kitchen with gloves and a mask thinking I was cooking some meth or something lol
I think I’ve got it the small parts washing down now. Can just throw the printing bed into the washer, then take off supports and throw the pieces in a small tub with alcohol and wash it once more before curing.
My ender shakes the desk pretty good, I feel better with the resin printer on another surface, also frees up more room and looks nicer.

So we didn’t talk about material post handling

But eventually your alcohol wash will get saturated and you’ll need to deal with that

Currently what I do when my wash station is getting nasty, is take a week off resin print and leave the wash station completely undisturbed

Most of the crud and resin will settle down to the bottom during that week

Then I use a 150ml syringe and slowly remove the “cleaner” alcohol at the top of the tank, and put it in 2 2 liter bottles

Until I get down to the bottom where it’s actually settled…

Then I seal it up and kick the agitator on for a bit, and pour all the saturated solution into a mason jar
Usually only about cup worth of

I have a mesh lid I printed for the mason jar to keep bride or anything from getting into the jar but to let the alcohol evaporate

I set the jar outside, but not in the sun I only want warmth… not cure yet

Once it’s reduced sufficiently, then I’ll put it in the sun and let it cure the remaining sludge

Possibly better ways but it’s easy enough, and deals with the resin permanently

I’ll do this maybe every month or 2 depending on print load

The original plan was to set the clean 2 liter bottles in the sun to “cook” any dissolved resin, but I realized as long as I pull what settles out from it, I don’t care about the bit that doesn’t settle


Thank you! I’ve been wondering about the best way to deal with that but procrastination has kept me from googling it yet, just keep printing that’s all that matters right now XD
I saw some stls for mason jar lids. I’ll start getting things together.
I appreciate all the info!!

I’ll send you the one I used

Essentially it’s a solid disk, and then I turned off top bottom layers, and used triangle infil with a double line multipler

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Finally got a new textured PEI spring steel bed plate for my E3Pro to replace the one that I accidentally destroyed. :sweat_smile: Also got a Sunlu Filidryer S1. Hopefully I can get some better looking PETG prints with it. Was having issues with bubbles in prints before.


Is the filament fed directly out of the dryer or do you have to setup the roll every time?

You can do either, but I have it set up to feed out of the box.


I got my hands on a Creality Box 2.0 that I can’t seem to get set up. I’ve googled til my fingers bled, tried updating firmware, tried setting up WAN via BT and it’s wireless method but it keeps failing to connect to my home wifi.
I’m wondering if it’s DOA.

off and on


I can’t speak to it, I looked into one when t was v1 and it didn’t seem worth the effort

I am super pleased with my raspberry pi running octoprint… wonderfully open and constantly new plugins coming online

I would look strongly into that… especially since I think the pi crisis seems to be coming to an end

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Do you have a hammer?

Am I helpful?


I tried messing around with Octoprint but the server kept going offline. I tried burning their iso on new SD cards and starting fresh a few times but the problem persisted. My Rpi has gone through a couple of moves and hasn’t been handled in great care. I was thinking of getting a new one, but got my hands on the Creality Box so figured I’d try that before I buy a new RPi

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I can speak to this

I went through the same issues… and it’s actually frustratingly simple

I kept thinking my sd cards were corrupting because the server wouldn’t respond

It was just session cookies or whatever timing out

Cleared the cookies and logged back in and the problem goes away



I probably reflashed a dozen images

…reformatted the sd card a half dozen times

…ordered a shiney new gooder sd card

Each time it would work for a while then go offline after a week or 2… to the point I can probably flash a image with my eyes closed and using backups quite quickly lol

…at some point I cleared cookies/cache… and it immediately came back online



I’m glad I’m not the only one!
If I could remember my dreams, I’m sure they were filled with dd commands reburning the octo iso a thousand times lol
Going to give it another shot tonight before I finally turn in. Thanks for the info!!