What are you making ⚒️ / 3D printing 🖨

You may be able to get away with just running a PID Autotune on the hotend, if you haven’t done so already

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The screw in thermistor is the win. Not a fan of the glass ampule.

A few eextra heaters are a good idea too. if you’re replacing the thermistor the heater is right there.


+1 to the extra heater cartridges. I’ve had one fail too. I just bought a pack with both.

Like https://a.co/d/5z0V1EH

Nozzles, maybe different sizes if you want to experiment, are good to have around. I have so many that if I can’t clear a clog easily, I just toss it and put in a new one.

Might also be nice to have an extra bed plate, in case something sticks a little too hard. My favorite is the textured PEI spring steel bed plates.

That’s my short list of inexpensive parts that have failed for me from time to time.

i got a great hardened turbo nozzle from Ali that i really like


Get an all metal or bimetal heatbreak. Those are safer at higher temperatures.

I also recommend getting a BMG extruder and the orange bed springs, but the E3 Neo may already have the upgraded springs.

I have a genuine CHT and it’s also pretty good. But maybe I should get a few of those. Although I prefer brass nozzles because of the thermal performance as I don’t print abrasives often.

i do it backwards, i start with the clones, and if i like it enough i buy the real thing. Ill be buying the CHT one soon enough

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I tend to stick with the clones on the Ender and use the genuine stuff on my DIY printers.

Also, I really thought about what I said about potentially getting another Ender 3 and I couldn’t get myself to do it.

I feel like the Ender 3 is to 3d Printing what the Xsiid is to implants. Attract me with the blink, then entice me with the magic, then lust me with the magnets.

I love my Ender3 because of its entry levelness, i want the new Creality K6, but, i dont need it. The ender allows me to be creative and still not break the bank. Besides diapers are fucking expensive.

I like printing in ABS so the E3 is a bit sloppy for my needs. Also, I hate the wheels, especially the ones on the bed.

I kinda want to reuse some of the parts on it to build a core-xy machine. After all, I have a fancy SKR Mini E3 v3 and a CR-Touch in there and the motors might be good enough. And I’m ok with reusing the taco of a bed that it has. :taco:

Sure, it gets the job done but I want to replace it.

I was trying to get my ender up and running again this week but the damn nozzle keeps clogging. It was a fine printer until i started printing ABS with it. Pretty sure i should just get a new hotend for it.

Doesn’t old filament that has absorbed too much moisture also cause clogs?

That could be it as well. All the fillament i have has been around a while.

I really just want to get it running for minimal cost so i can get it running. I have a house to fix so buget be tight.

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Are you printing ABS in the stock non all metal?
That’s a no bueno for a couple reasons, one of which can be clogging

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That is why i think it needs a new hotend. I already tried cleaning it, poking it, letting the plastic halfway cool then yank it out etc etc

At ABS temps the ptfe starts to decompose, and besides putting out some very unhealthy gases it will gum up the end of the tube

Also, the original hotend, the ptfe fitting will allow the tubing to retract a hair off the nozzle, allowing material to build up in that opening causing jams

There are various fixes that essentially load the fitting with a compressed load to minimize essentially backlash of the tubing

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I print a lot of ABS and ASA… If I had a dollar for every time that someone tells me it just needs a little tuning, or that the v wheels are great…

Also, it’s not a fine printer, PLA is very forgiving.

At least a new all metal or bimetal heatbreak. I’d recommend high flow hotend as it helps prevent warping and improves layer adhesion. Even if the annoying wheels limit your speed.

And get a CR-Touch if you don’t have one, creality beds are not great. :taco:

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