What are you making ⚒️ / 3D printing 🖨

I am part of their email list and check their site frequently but they never run deals like they do on amazon.

I suspect that quarterly they run the amazon deals to avoid paying the excess storage fees

yep the actual cost at checkout has to do with the way amazon handles vendors using FBA (fulfilled by amazon) vs prime vs vendor ship… or more specifically how the vendor selling on amazon sets up their sales. it’s a huge clusterfuck from both sides to be honest… i looked into selling on amazon for about 18 months and still could not make heads or tails of exactly how things would be charged to me or the customer, and ultimately i decided i didn’t want to feed the beast from both ends… i buy enough off that platform, no need to bolster it by selling on it too.


ive been selling on amazon FBA since January. its…ok.

Ive had my entire inventory removed twice due to their automated system flagging the Flipper RGB board as hazardous, and then to create a document stating it doesnt have a battery. The biggest complaint i have is that the UI is just garbage. there is no way to intelligently understand how it is layed out.

Since i went a coupel months selling in NA, i wanted to sell in Europe, and christ that has been a huge ordeal. I went all in though and i setup an LLC, i applied for VAT and EOIC. been waiting 35 days now for a VAT ID. All this just to ship stock to europe for FBA sales.

As far as fees… they incentise sellers to keep their prices below 8$ or above 25$. At 20$ they take ~5$ per sale. so 25% of my sale item. vs if i have it at 8$ per item they only take 1$. the structure is just poor. Then they charge aged inventory fees after 180 days. and there are other gripes i have. none of it makes sense to me.

But in the 5 months i have been selling on them. i have made after fees… $31. and thats 40 units.

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O.k. Just ordered direct from overture.

We should get back to 3d printing, but I am gonna say before I go, it’s amazing just how proactive Amazon has been in getting me to go anywhere else.


Need a slicer. Does anybody use the creality one? Or is there something else I should use or avoid.

What printer?

Prusa slicer is pretty good in general


Ender 3 neo.

i typically use Cura for everything

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I’m going to recommend Orca Slicer, it’s slightly better than Prusa Slicer.

Creality Slicer is an outdated and rebranded version of Cura.

So it has a CR-Touch on it, that helps a lot.

I blame you :sweat_smile:


Is there such a thing as an Ender 3 that doesn’t look like an incomplete and abused science experiment?

Ok, mine is probably an outlier but organizing all the cables to make everything look good took a lot of work. It also looks kinda stock even when I’ve replaced the bed, extruder, bowden tube, and a handful of other things.

But the fact that these things always end up looking like abominations is a symptom of a poor design were too many corners were mindlessly cut.

I don’t think so, mine has been propped on various cans, tubs and boxes over the years because I was never able to stuff all the cables and diode board into the box …
The spare wires are just ziptied and laying behind the printer, out of the way :sweat_smile:

I’m new to it, but it definitely feels weirdly thought out. It couldn’t have been cheaper to use an almost impossible to handle microSD card than to have just put a standard usb port in, and used much easier to handle thumbdrives. On top of that, why put the port for it underneath the table?

Just little nonsensical design choices.

That being said, it is what I wanted. A cheap and easy first machine. If it becomes a regular thing, then a more fully fledged machine will replace it, and this one will be given away.

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I thought I tried to keep mine fairly clean

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Mine is also pretty clean, but I’m going to have to print some new cable management clips.

Also, I have less mods but I absolutely love the PEI bed, CR-Touch, and BMG clone extruder that I have on mine. Those are gamechangers IMHO.

Just pulled the trigger on a second AMS, for 8 color capability

In addition I may look into doing the TPU mod to the second ams, it allows flexibles from an AMS but the mod effects the entire AMS unit and prevents non flexibles…. The mod is reversible, but means you need 2 AMS units if you want to combine flexible and rigid filaments

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Mines dirty but I’m happy with the install and how it looks

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There are various 4 into 1 ptfe adapters, assuming your swapping ptfe to change filaments

I should really start posting things I’m actually working on again,
starts thread, promptly stops posting in thread lol


Yeah but I have to manually feed it. And up top I didn’t have access to the filament because it’s all inside ptfe into my dry boxes which are a pain to open

I just came home to a screaming beeeeeeeep from my ender 3 neo. Board says thermal run away. Looks like I need to replace the thermistor.

As long as I’m ordering, what else should I get in the way of common repair parts? I’d rather not wait for stuff to get shipped in if it’s a likely needed item and I’m going to have to make a minimum order cost anyways. (free shipping).

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