What Do You Plan On Doing with Your Vivokey?

Pretty much that. Aside from the standard opening doors and unlocking computers (access control stuff) what do you plan on using it for? I’m planning on storing all my cryptocurrencies on it, so hopefully it’s compatible with that, what other neat ideas?

I don’t know what else you can do with the Vivokey.

Since it’s a small computing platform, we plan on releasing a series of applets for doing various things including GIDS based logon for Windows machines, a U2F authenticator applet for two-factor, blockchain “wallets” for performing in vivo cryptographic transaction signing, etc.

Ultimately you can also write your own applets and deploy them as well, if you like.


I’d definitely like to see a MC/VIsa payment platform, but I already have read your posts on the difficulties of getting EMV to work. However, the Fidesmo MC/Visa applet has me hopeful!

Thanks for all the cool stuff you do.


Ok so theres a installer map, where is the programmer map ? Map of techs who can assist with techniques for programming and how to’s ? Maybe someone who’s been down that road and can say “if I were you I’d try xyz”…
Or if you want to meetup I can help you get your door locks speaking to your implants…etc…

So as the community, we are putting something together that will cover this.
Currently, If you need a hand with something specific, just ask the question on the forum, pretty much, any question can be answered, there are some very smart cookies :nerd_face::cookie: on here to help.

If you want to meet up with somebody, your best bet would be to:-
State your issue / problem, where you are and ask if there was anybody nearby that could help.
You could also check this Forum Wiki to see if there is somebody nearby, it is by no means comprehensive, but worth a try.
This wiki will likely be superseded with a new version of the updated partners map as a one-stop-shop…watch THIS SPAPE.

Also, just curious, why did choose this " What Do You Plan On Doing with Your Vivokey?" to post this?

In the mean-time, is there something specific you need a hand with?

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@Pilgrimsmaster yes,I am in Houston and I have a Vivokey and xNT and want to give my employer /facilities guy something to allow badge access. Not sure what number to give him from xNT. The writer machine he uses has a slot to put the card in is too small for my hand. I thought if I give him the serial from the xNT it will work? He’s ok with trying things but I don’t want to waste his time testing things.
After the post I then read that the Vivokey will not work this way, thought there may be a programmer guy to make custom apps for the vivokey. That was the reason for the post and maybe now will look for an xNT related area. I’m a forum NEWB.

The Vivokey Spark likely not, But the Spark 2 should be no reason why not…

Also have you scanned a card using TagInfo app?
Did you get kbr1 Reader with your order?
Have you scanned them? (Card and your implants)

You should get a UID from all of them, which is what you can give to the facilities manager to enroll.
Of course it may or may not work as it will all be system/ compatiabilty dependant.

But we would need some more information to be able to help you better.

But those are worth a try in the first instance

Ok, so this is tricky… if the system wants to actually write something to the card, you might not be able to use your xNT… however, usually these systems have an “enrollment” station, and that reader simply reads card details and “enrolls” it into the system under a specific user.

Because these systems sometimes view the binary data that represent the ID number of an RFID chip in different ways, giving a number might not work… some systems expect decimal representations of the binary data, while others might use hexadecimals… still others have some kind of strange conversion method that creates a kind of simple numeric representation of the ID which is transformed in some way such that the numbers don’t actually directly represent the binary data on the card.

Because of this, what I suggest is this process; scan your chip at a normal door reader. If it beeps but denies entry, that’s a good thing. Note the date and time and reader you attempted this on. Go to your security manager, and ask them to check the access logs for that reader on that day and time… there should be an entry that details your chip information as the system sees it. Typically this ID number in the log can then be copied and pasted to a legitimate user.



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We got it to scan! It beeped finally it was the my positioning error. I was trying to scan my hand like a badge but forgot about the way the chip is installed. I rotated my hand and beep! So we then went to the system and it showed the scan denial and now he said Wednesday when the technician comes he can program my uid to the system. He said he can see the device but not the uid. So I used the NFC tools and grabbed it and now just have to wait…thanks guys! @Pilgrimsmaster @amal
To add: he said its a multi frequency system that has to have a location code then (uid) and then encrypted data string after but it should be doable.
For our users from overseas they can bring their own badge and he can get it added to the system vs printing them a new badge for all new travelers that arrive.


I’m in


Fuck yeah.



That’s awesome.

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Hey @Cyperpunkjedi,
Now that you are all up and running, could you post:-
If you used your xNT or Spark 2 for access.
A photo of your Original card / fob
A photo of your access panel.
And the brand of access system if you know it

We can then add that to our knowledge database ( I’m thinking about making an access system : implant compatibility Thread, matrix or Wiki)
Thanks in advance


Ok, sorry just seeing this. Yes. Hmm, let me see on Tuesday when I’m back at work. xNT or Spark2 might require the Security tech guy so I can see the code in the system but when I said “it’s a Mifare” he said “oh ok I can set it to read that type” . The reason it is hard is because they are half an inch apart…I know I know lol I’m reminded everytime I try to use the vivokey app…“NFC Error” . They are too close and both fight for access. Either way I’ll grab more data on Tuesday. Pictures and video.

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Oh Note for future enthusiasts…be ready for 2 types of people…
One person said they did not believe I had an implant and would like to maintain their disbelief.
The others walk up to you and are like "Dude somebody said you have a chip!? Show me!? "

15 mins of talk and showing them xLed ,xG3 , Vivokey app and door access, then come out their cellphones to record it for their spouses and family.
I just tell them don’t put my face in the video lol…

It definitely starts a conversation each time with onlookers and is random…

Somehow someone said I went to Japan to have it installed…??? Dafuq?
I’ve been but that was in 93 in the USMC…crazy

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wait can the vivokey work like apple pay or android pay?

The Vivokey Spark series can’t, but the upcoming Vivokey Apex series will be able to, once your bank supports it and it is released to the public. Watch this space, it’s coming.