What happened to my xg3?

I work a desk job, havent even been tinkering with anything lately. It feels intact, but i can no longer lift anything? Stuck a screw to it and you can feel the tug but it doesnt hold, can hold 7 paper clips kind of sketchy, and will no longer hold my vape up. The bottom of my vape is magnetic, and holds itself up fine if i hang it from a paperclip. Can somebody just sanity check me here? Tried rotating it around a bit, checking with the little magnet card. Doesnt seem to matter if i have the line that appears towards my hand or the skin it just seems kind of lazy? It held screws fine when i was putting together my 3d printer last week

How long ago was it installed?

If the strength had slowly decreased, a concern I’d have is if the encasement was compromised, though if it broke, I’d imagine you’d be feeling it. If it went from working to not in a short amount of time (like a week) I’d look for biological factors such as increased water retention.

I have one on the back of my hand (gen 1) and it’s never been able to do much other than hold a small screw or two. Can’t really hang anything from it but will stick to other magnets quite well.

Have you hit the implanted area on anything recently? That might have caused some fluid to build up around it.

Almost a month

Not that i can think of. Havent done a whole lot of anything lately

Its a v2, used to have to really shake to get my vape to fall off, now i have to be super careful to get it to stick, its magnetic

can you use the magnetic field detection card? It may be right at the dipole and you might have to use another strong magnet to twist it to get the full strength back at that pole.


ALMOST, is NOT a month, and Magnet installs do take longer to heal due to obvious reasons, so this could be contributing, I don’t know how much longer you should give it, but I would at least say “give it longer before you start to worry”

Yeah, the age old Paperclip test

Not all paperclips are made the same,

but I am assuming this is fewer than you used to be able to impress and amaze your friends with…

I think 7 is still a good number of “normal” sized paperclips

Being an xG3V2, It is obviously designed for lifting, but with regards to your Vapist device

Remember opposites attract… Maybe it’s currently laying between poles

Just saw @Hamspiced


How have you tried to do do this?

All in all, it doesn’t sound too bad, but also (understandably) it sounds like you are going through the implant puberty stage, and you won’t stop playing with it…

Yeah, I think what you are experiencing, but in my opinion, just give it a bit longer to heal, and / or keep playing with it, it’s perfectly natural, it’s yours and you can do with it what you please


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Assuming the dipole is the white stripe that appears, that is currently not visible. I wouldnt call it “freely” but i can spin it around with my other hand easily, it didnt seem to make much difference. Once the original swelling had gone down i could pick up 10 or 11, i dont have a ruler on me but id guess theyre the 50mm ones, definitely a decrease. Ive tried to mostly not play with it but i do have to spend 8 hours a day sitting in a room with a bowl of paperclips and nothing better to do :sweat_smile:. I guess ill just continue definitely not being worried while worrying about it. Like i said earlier its definitely in one piece, theres no swelling or anything so im pretty sure its fine, i just dont understand what changed mainly

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When you say spin it around do you mean like…

Spinning the implant clockwise so it’s vertical, then horizontal then vertical again?

God no that sounds painful :joy:

You had me incredibly worried for a second.

So like this

Not like this



My titan spins like that…

As for your sitch-

Early days- new sensation very noticible
Mid times (where you are) body gets used to it, things are healing, focus is lost
Fully healed: that’s when you should start the best days of your magnetty life. 6th sense


Interestingly my sensation hasnt really changed, been able to feel power supplys since day 1, still cant feel microwaves though. Not sure ill be able to, sounds like it was more an xg1 thing. It just kinda quit picking stuff up :joy:

Yeah, around the long axis. Not the short one. Watching that, that has to hurt

I’ve always been able to get my microwave with my v2. It’s violent lol

Huh, interesting. Think ive tried 3, nothing on any of them.

This monster is kinda wild though

You have to feel around on the microwave for it, mine is crazy violent in the lower left