What might this be?

…in what context? The one on the top left could be an xNT implant

Please note: No implant can be used for things like GPS tracking. Its not possible. Judging by your time zone you’re in Bangkok, a quick Google search indicates there is a lot of misinformation about “devil chips” and tracking implants.


Hard to tell for certain but the left device appears to be a VeriChip circa 2004 and the device on the right is a newer ultra small scale sensor platform for medical applications… I think I’ve seen it somewhere before but don’t recall where now… I just remember it was sort of interesting because of the sensor platform it had. The majority of the device is antenna structure for inducting power and communicating (like all passive RFID devices).


Thank you so much and what about the xray is that similar?


Witam w skroniach pod żyłami mam coś wstrzepione… słysze głosy w głowie ,podnosi mi sie temperatura ciała podejrzewam ze to jakaś elektronika (chip)