What should i choose if i want the most functionality out of those chips?

Hey guys, Saturday im going to get a chip implant, but i can’t decide what kind. I can choose between the NExT, xEM, xSIID(white led), or the walletmor, but that one is too expensive for me. I was thinking about the NExT because it has high and low frequency, but the xSIID has a cool white LED light that is programmable to blink when being read if im correct, but i lose the low frequency band.

What should i choose? I love the led part but i love functionality aswell, i wish they made a NExT with 2 leds or something, that would be awesome, but thats off-topic.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

When I had my first implant I chose the NExT as I use both frequencies. At the moment I could use a few more of them even though the blinkie looks cool.
Hopefully this bad boy gets released this decade :unicorn_joy:


I’m still literally waiting for the company that makes the magic silicone resin used to protect the passives on this board to finish their reformulation so I can test it and purchase production quantities. It’s just the right durometer, it’s one part not two, and cures with specific UV light which is why I built the UV curing thingy… but they have been at this for nearly a year now.


it does have a cool white light
It is not programmable, at least not from the implant end.
It will blink, depending on how the reader that is presented reads.
Constant if the reader is is constantly on and pulse if it pulses…

What you want wont be available by Saturday, you need to decide if you want dual RFID functionality, or HF and blinky.

Then NExT will give you more things you can use it with, the xSIID will give you the ability to show off…

My opinion, the NExT is the better first implant, to interact with more things and use for projects.

Placement for the NExT is easy, in position #0

The xSIID you need to plan ahead and decide what else you want to get in the future

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Im not sure how far your budget will stretch, but if you can afford it, you could get both NExT and xSIID, If that is still outside your budget, maybe the xSIID with an xEM placed alongside (>5mm) you could put that pair in position #0.

Then you get dual frequency and a blinky for just a little more than an xSIID

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Thanks everyone, ill get the NExT to get started, such things are relatively “easy” to remove if needed so i could switch to newer chips anyway. Showing off is fun, but if technology doesn’t stand still and I’m sure Amal and his team have amazing stuff for the future. And hey, ive got another hand to “fill” :laughing: if i really wanted to get both.

The NExT is the most newest NFC chip right? Just curious.

New in terms of what? I believe it was one of the OG nfc offerings, and the ntag216 chipset itself is pretty old

In terms of “release date” i guess, but im just curious what chip that has the same dual frequency but has the most up to date hardware but there is none currently i think.

Sounds promising! I’m up to any alpha tests on it :emoji_eyes:.

Afaik, flexMN, flexMT, flexNExT are the only dual frequency chips available atm but they definitely don’t look suitable for a first implant :laughing:. The standard NExT is still the best option as a first implant in terms of usability.

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My guess would be Number 3

irrelevant though, because it is what it is and does what it does.

Great first implant and I think you made a good choice

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Yeah hahah the flex next is huge :scream: looks cool tho but that would be a bit too crazy for me lol (in the sense of such a big implant, no offense to the ones who have it ;).)

Yeah im definitely stoked for the NExT, might get the xSIID a while after ive got the NExT implanted when ive got enough money for it because at the moment I’m pretty low lol

Do you guys also know what side i should implant the NExT? Im right handed if that makes any difference. Im currently brainstorming about what side i should choose lol

I can say I hadn’t considered I would be using it to open gates from my car when I installed mine so I had to reach across my body to get my hand out the window to the reader until I got an xEM to simplify my simplified life.


Really depends on what you plan on using it for and which side would be more convenient to use.

I’m considering getting a NeXT on my right hand because the readers for the doors and gate at the campus residence hall I live in are on the right.

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This post needs a revamp, but i still think this is a valid point


This opened up my mind lol those are some good points, especially the car park gate thing, and like endeavour said, most door readers (not always or everywhere) are on the right, but since i live in a left hand steering, right hand driving country its indeed a good idea to put it on the left as i rather “cross arms” for a door than for a parking gate where i have to reach with my right hand :laughing: ill get the xSIID later on for my right hand aswell so ill be all set.

Thanks for the clear points about where to place it, it really helped me :slight_smile:


Thats what we are all here for

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What chip is in your current parking card? Just so we can make sure you will be able to enroll a xSIID

Also, do you think the management will allow you to enroll your own tag to use as a parking card?

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