What to do with 'em?

A friend renovated an old grocery store (like really old, 60’s maybe) and when it came time to fix the doors, we discovered that the circuit boards were toast. These are the old style automatic doors that swing open when you step on the rubber mat.

Long story short, I got two complete door openers. He got manual doors.

So, what to do with them. There’s a cool project here that I just haven’t seen yet. (Like I need another one.)

FWIW these are the arm type openers that open under power, and allow to close slowly under spring pressure. In fact they’re very similar to basic door hydraulic closers, just has a powered motor open function added.

Do you have a shed or something with dual doors… that would be pretty sweet to drive a ride on mower out of said shed… you know start it up, doors start opening - queue the smoke machine and Europa’s “The Final Countdown” kicks on… :smirk:

First idea that came to mind.

robot arms.