When will Vivokey be out?

I really want to get a tag but I saw the vivokey project and now I’m wondering if I should wait until that comes out. How far along are you guys to getting it out there. When do you think it will be out of beta testing and everything?

The next release will be our flexDF, followed by VivoKey. The flexDF is close to release… maybe 30-45 days. VivoKey should be shortly after… maybe another 30-60 days after flexDF… if all continues to go well :slight_smile:

What kind of payments would you be able to make with it is it only Bitcoin or would I be able to link it to my Wells Fargo account in the future

It is very likely that payments will be limited to just those payment platforms that publish payment applications for VivoKey. Bitcoin is one, with transit and other “close system” payment options to come. What you are talking about with your bank is called EMV payments (tap and pay, like apple/samsung/google pay)… and playing in that space is difficult and expensive to get your foot in the door, so the best I can say about that is that the VivoKey is technically able to communicate with EMV payment terminals… but having a bank-supported payment card application for VivoKey is not likely.

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Any updated on VK progress? It’s been pretty quiet on that front.

Well, we got engineering sample chips from NXP finally, but they didn’t work. Our platform partner Fidesmo also got sample chips and they also didn’t work… so now we’re back to waiting for working chips… but they are releasing chips to card manufacturers now, so we should have chips soon. I estimate we will have working v2 prototypes in December, and we’ll start drawing up a beta program for early 2018.

Thanks for the update. I know you’re really busy, but updates are important for those of waiting with bated breath for the next gen in implants. :smiley:

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agreed. after using my huge v1 prototype for over two years now, I am just so ready to upgrade to v2… i forget others are just as excited :slight_smile:

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So early 2018 has rolled around and I still can’t see and promising updates about the VivoKey, So I am here to pester you about it and how the production process is going! We would all love to know! :grin:


Haha thanks for the pestering… we are making progress. The issue with making cutting edge tech where so many facets are tied to so many new things… timelines never stick. We keep climbing the ladder though… last week another major rung was conquered. We just have a few more to go until we can get working v2 prototypes out… then we work on the beta program.


And when these prototypes are out who will be your guinea pigs? Would the prototypes be for sale for us as consumers?

The first prototypes will be VivoKey employees only, then the private beta will launch… then after the private beta we will expand to production for public sale.


Hmm, sounds like we could be waiting a while then I guess. Also sorry for the tidal wave of questions but is there any clear details e.g weight, dimensions, read/write distances, processing speeds and what not. Thank you for all the hard work you guys are putting into these projects as well!

Once we get chips in, things will click by pretty fast… but at the moment it’s been a long painful waiting process… for everyone :confused:


Saw that there was a beta sign up, any word on when that’ll be happening? Sorry to pester if I am!

It was announced here:

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Too bad. I’m not on Facebook…


we also sent emails to the subscription list, but many hit spam filters.

So do we have a slightly better picture on timeline for this now?