When will Vivokey be out?


Beta users should be getting pre-order notifications in the next few weeks. Manufacturing of beta units will commence soon after.


How about now, Whats the scope & Timeline of the VivoKey project? Have beta testers received units/ are beta trials still commencing? @amal maybe its time for an update?

On another note, is there a way to sign up for the Vivokey forums? or is it limited to beta testers for now.


Beta users are the only ones allowed on the forum at the moment. Beta units are going through final tweaks and we will be manufacturing soon. Public purchase of the Flex One is likely a go for Christmas, but nothing official yet. Thanks for your patience!!


Ofcourse! If you ever need another Beta Tester, I’d be more than be happy! Any estimate for the retail cost of the VivoKey units? Thanks


Not at this time… coming soon though.


This looks awesome!

Can I give you my money now??

Are you still hopeful that the public will have access around Christmas?

Great work!!