When you reached your limit?

When do you actually reach your limit?
Just put my 13:th implant in tonight and I’m starting to feel that I hit a roadblock.
Got some ARM and NTAG 5 chips on the way, planning to prototype my own implants.
But yeah, need to find a supplier of biocompatible polymer and then a crazy piercer that would be willing to implant homegrown implants.
I mean, a 13:th implant (green xSIID) is great and all, but at this point it just feels that I’m adding metal to my body (which isn’t a bad thing actually, more implants to hand out when I’m dead), but what is the next point?

Can’t believe how easy it was to implant the latest xSIID, maybe it’s all the alcohol, absinthe, New Years, lame emla dermal anesthetic, but I feel I need to level up, this was lame, whats next?

I ordered a libNFC compatible reader but got the wrong one, waiting for a replacement.
But I wonder, are there many programs, applications for out implants out there?
I mean, I have 3 DESFire, 2 Vivokeys, bla bla bla, yeah you get it, those chip have more functions than NDEF, where are the programs that take advantage of that?

Are they a bit hush hush?
I mean what I understand, the DESFire EV2 have a lot of more functions than simply storing your tele nr.

Ok, this is getting a bit long, but I recently read about the Walletmor, that its “simply” “sanitized” and not sterilized. I then wonder, what’s stopping me from getting a supplier of biocompatible polymer and making my own implants and soaking them in chlorhexidine?
I mean, if that is what you get out of flex implants, a chlorhexidine “sanitized” implant, then I only need to find a supplier of biocompatible polymer, get my soldering act together, make some prototypes, “sanitize” them, and find some crazy pierciner, and woalalalala I’m either dead, lost a limb or a bit more cyberzied, or what do you think, input?

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I’m not totally sure if I get you right, and I might definitely be of no help on the topic of too many implants (since I got my only chip out some weeks ago, and no new one in yet), but I hit a similar “roadblock” some time ago with piercings. I basically got all done I wanted to have. Okay, some possibilities left on my ears, but other than that, I ran out of ideas… And then, slowly, things kinda evolved… into implants and scarification, and a lot of new ideas to improve my body arose.
I think the chip-implant-market is still relatively new, and new things are always “just around the corner”, more experimental stuff coming, new functions, new form factors, more blinkies, whatever. My only advice would be to stay calm, have an eye on what’s being developed, and look which of those things might fit to you.

I think that’s basically true, though it might be a bit more difficult - I never worked with a biopolymer, but I think it might be difficult to process it in a way that leaves no tiny holes or gaps or whatever that might create problems when implanted. I would not dare to do it myself, but I’m not that much into the DIY-grinder-thing… :wink:


This is where you’re going to have a lot of trouble. Why do you think Amal’s the only one doing it? It’s extremely expensive, an entirely custom formulation and Amal’s particular method is trade secret.

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Maybe you’re right, found some suppliers of biocompatible polymer, but they needed a signed contract that one should not use it for implants and that one knows the risks. Haven’t pursued it anymore than that.
But does it even matter?
I mean, we want a expansion of available options for implants right?
I don’t care if its DT or someone else, but we need progress.
And when I say “we” I mean us that want progress and a deeper integration, rather than “blinky lights”.

In the end, I don’t see the downside for me, as I’m have already made up my mind, it’s either a brain in a can, or death.

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By discarding the “cosmetic” approach completely, you’re being a bit superficial, I think…
“Blinky lights” might have a significance for those who want them, and I think it’s a bit condescending to exclude those people from the elitist “us that want progress”.


Yeah, It’s just that I don’t want it to stand stomping on giving blinky lights.
I mean like I said, I just put in a xSIID green, and have a flexMT waiting for insertion.
It’s awesome with blinky lights, but I want more, I want MCU interface, I want sensors, I want more of my soul inside of these implants. I want a FPGA implant someday before I die.

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You’ve got an hour of read time on this forum, to be honest. I don’t think you’re in any position to argue that progress isn’t coming.

You’re far from alone. Development of these things isn’t just “coat an already existing chip and it works”, though. We’re pushing the edge of what exists in technology as of today, at what size and power draw it works at. I can promise this progress is coming.


So you’re interested in progress? What do you think about implanting an MCU something like the LPC8N04 from NXP? I would like to make an implant with that one, but I’ve the same problem with the implant packaging like you experienced.

Here is a brief description of the LPC8N04:

LPC8N04NFCWP.pdf (431.0 KB)

NXP has some other interesting chips which can be powered via RF. There’s also the option to use wireless power transfer to run other ultra low power MCU’s.

The concept the “blinky lights” implants show off, actually. The chip is an I2C driver with power harvesting.

Yeah, I ordered K32L2B31VFT0A, MKL02Z32VFG4, MKL05Z32VFK4 ARM Cortex M0+ and also the new line of NTAG 5 interface chip: NTA53321G0FTTZ, NTP53321G0JTZ, NTP53121G0JHKZ, NTP53321G0JHKZ.
Don’t get me wrong, I will probably fail miserably, hit some kind o roadblock, but as a transhumanist I need to try, ok.

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Yeah I know, but when will we see implants with the new NTAG 5 line of interface chips, or are they subpar to the interface chip in the xSIID?

I’ll leave this up to @amal to discuss.

Yeah, I would probably find a more suitable place for my wonderings. I think DT are awesome.

But to my other topic, are there any sources for software for our implants?
Like I said, I ordered a LibNFC compatible reader to mess around with my implants, surely people must have done the same before me, do anyone know of any software for the kind of chips we have in our implants?

What I understand it, the DESFire is a more advanced chip, I mean I have a bracelet that I can pay with that identify itself as a DESFire. Anyone know of any software that are a bit more advanced than NDEF or more low-level?

Oh, no, don’t mistake my comment there for discouragement.

I’m just under a lot of NDAs, and it’s not up to me what we discuss that isn’t released already.

Depends what chip you mean. DESFire is like Mifare, but with actual cryptography (Crypto1 doesn’t count). You can get into the nuts and bolts and script APDUs, but it really depends what you want to do with it. The upcoming Apex chips will be better for stuff like this - they can do proper interfacing with PKCS11 for example.

Are you bu any chance on the discord? If so is your id ReCoRpSe?

Take a look at the ntagi2c that can be paired with an attiny to do some cool things. There are potential applications for the ntag 5 to do certain sensing application and there are sensors out there to do other things the issue becomes how viable the are for implantation I.e. Will they work inside the body and if so how well. The xbt is great but its inaccurate and will always be we don’t want that and can’t really bring something like that to mass market.

What do you want to do? Like what are you going to do with a cortex m0 or fpga under your skin?

Also I think the way you have worded some of you points is pretty shitty considering people are working on things and it’s not exactly easy. Alot of people have been working pretty hard to even get to dam blinky let alone a sensing application. Maybe spend some time reading through the info on this sight as with 11days visited and a total of 2hr read time you cant have seen much of anything.


ReCoRpSe wanted a blinky watch / magnets… I think not

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Maybe just a coincidence but just felt like 2 people in not a large space of time being very pushy about very similar things even some of the wording was similar.

Ok, well I’m sorry, I know its not a good excuse, but posted when I had some buzz. Of Course I know there is much, much work behind our implants and I know it can’t be easy, and that I will surely fail if I attempted the same, it’s just that I want to think about the future of cybernetics and I think about my own options, if I’m ready to take (my) next step.

I don’t post here often, I guess I like to run my own race. I’m sorry if my words come out hard.

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If cybernetics is your thing loose an arm get a prosthetic :sweat_smile: unfortunately I dont think were going to see huge leaps in my lifetime