Where are you going to get your Apex Flex implanted?

I’m debating between (using this for reference from the forum) position 0 (typical between thumb + index), position 5 (knife edge), or in the 1-4 (top of the hand) area. I currently have a NExT and a 125 kHz xLED in my left hand at position 0 and am also going to be getting an xSIID for 13.56mHz blinkies in either my left hand at position 5 or my right hand in either position 0 or 5 depending on where I get the Apex Flex.

I’m planning on P4 on my right hand/R4. Should give it plenty of spacing between R0, where my xSIID lives, and due to the way the skin lays on my hand, it should be really easy to tent the skin there.

I’m also considering L4, but I’m right handed, and my Spark 2 is in L2. Considering the Spark 2 already barely reads as it is, I don’t want to risk making it almost impossible to read by putting a flex near it.

Currently considering my left forearm. On the top just left of where a watch would normally sit. I would like to do P4 or 5 but I dont know if I have enough skin there or would be comfortable with a hand flex install yet. We shall see! My ideas change a lot.


I have yet to decide if I want over a bone, or near a vein… L3 to 5 somewhere.

Right wrist, just above where a wrist watch would go. It would be my first implant and that seems like a reasonably handy place for it.

Tell me why I am wrong.


I originally planned on R4-3 but decided that’s where I’m putting my purewrist conversion so Apex is going in L3-L1

I would call it more wristy than handy…:wink:

Not wrong, but have you considered, if you were using it for payment, could you use that position to easily present to all payment terminals.

Are you considering the “Ultra Mega Jumbo” Apex or the flex? (or the Max?)


I probably wouldn’t though.

Haha, fair enough, the next thing I would ask is, are you a lefty or righty?

Right handed you would normally hold your phone in the right hand so it would be easier to read the Apex if it was implanted on your left wrist. (if you wear a watch on your left, you would also want to allow space for the phone to read)

All your decision of course, just some considerations for you…

I was considering for myself the “Mid Left Forearm”, atop where the Radius bone lays, but the only thing preventing that, is the lack of usability for a payment terminal, otherwise its a super easy and accessible location to read and write from.


I’m thinking probably L5 for myself. Should be a good location that’s not in the way while still being easy to present to readers if payments are enabled.

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I am right handed, I wear a pedometer on my left wrist usually (and a pocket watch at times when I want a watch).

However having tested attempting to “scan” either wrist with my phone I don’t find either one particularly hard to scan.

Where would others think is the best place to put this?

I think I’ve settled on getting my Apex in R5 in the hopes of payment being turned on in the future. As for the xSIID I just ordered…still debating on R0 vs. L5 given I have a NExT and 125kHz xLED in L0.

For the xsiid, depends on the use case… but I like mine in 0

Now that I have my flex, I’m glad I didn’t do a knife edge, my L4 gives it plenty of support that I feel like knife edge would lack

I’m also tossing up between L5 and middle forearm above my watch.

I’m reasonably confident we’ll never get payments (at least in New Zealand) however I do want to try and use my Apex as a smart card to log into my computer and with that in mind I’m thinking L5 is better.

I’m not sure, NZ is reasonably early adopters, It is rare to find a payment terminal that is not contactless payment, EFTPos has been used in NZ for over 30 years, I don’t even think you can get a cheque book anymore.

I have an ASB payment conversion

ASB have stopped supporting the PayTags and mine will die in a couple of years, but WestPac still have them. ( I’m not sure if they have 3 or 5 year expiry )

Mine reads well on all terminals I have tried.

If Vivokey mange to get Visa or Mastercard onboard, I don’t know how long we will have to wait to see it downunder, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we do.

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Hello fellow kiwi?

I guess L5 it is!

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Of course I cant guarantee it, but I hope it will.
By the time my Payment Conversion expires, I can transition over to VK Payments :crossed_fingers:t3:

It is Soooo handy [pun] :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3: :credit_card:

I use it a lot

So I am looking at P4 or P5 or my wrist on either left or right now… At this rate I will end up being even less certain as time goes on.

@amal Where are you putting yours?

I’m waiting for the Mega actually… and I will put it where my old prototype was… left hand over the wrist where a watch would normally go. I may actually put an Apex Flex in my right arm as a backup… but arms… not hands. My hands are full of other things :slight_smile: