Where have you stuck yours ⁉ DT Sticker



there are a number of things you can use to remove it without damage, something you may / should have acess to.

Contact cleaner or IPA

As I mentioned, There are other things you can use, just let me know if you dont have either of those…i would be surprised.

Acetone is a maybe, but it would depend on the sticker material.
Acetate for example would get fucked up

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Getting it off is the easy part, putting it back on elsewhere becomes slightly more difficult.

Sadly I had to cut the corners to make it fit nicely so it wouldn’t look great even if I took it off.

Not ReALly…
Especially contact cleaner, in my experience, it just releases the adhesive, not remove it.
Initially it will feel slimy, but as it dries it will become sticky again and stick back at around 90% of the original

There goes that idea, im sure if you ask for another at your next order, i think youll have a good chance of getting another 1+