Where have you stuck yours ⁉ DT Sticker

that hood looks like it’s straight outta red faction!


Decided on it because it looked scifi-ish…and it has a touch screen instead of buttons or switches lol


It does look like the sort of thing that a cyborg would wear.

Speaking of which, I should learn how to weld. Not that I need an excuse to buy a cool helmet or anything…


I’m 48 now. And while I can weld, I can’t see the goddamn weld.

Don’t get old kids. It sucks.


Time to laser your eyes?

Need replacement lenses. Insurance won’t cover it. Tried to go with a flex spending account, but it’s max won’t cover a single eye. (thought about doing one in each calendar year).

I need to develop cataracts so the insurance will kick in on it.

Now I’m wondering what your coworkers think about your implants? I know that they find it weird when you use your magnets to hold screws and even weirder when you touch valve coils to see if they’re energized.

But I’m seriously asking myself if you’ve made them think about getting some for themselves?

They don’t want any implants. They think it’s cool, but they don’t want any. I’ve talked to a few customers at job sites who said they want one to clone their work badges, not sure if any have went through with it though.
I’m trying to change jobs, maybe I can convert some of my new coworkers to the DT cult lol


These pictures make me think an iron on patch would be pretty cool.


i really want an enamel pin cuz i collect pins and have a cork board for em


I still think a 1” DT logo sticker ntag 21x would be pretty dope…

A link to the forum, or some of the dt wikis, or an Amal talk or something

They aren’t super crazy expensive and I think there are various China suppliers that would be happy to print the logo on it

@amal, would you be on board if I looked into getting some made? And see if any others wanted some?
I could either send you a chunk for letting me do it, or figure something out

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RedBubble makes a lot of cool stuff but I think that making an enamel pin requires a mold or die of some sort. Iron on patches might be easier to get manufactured, I wonder if there’s a company willing to do small runs of those?

Wish I had the time to do something like what Eriequiet is planning to do with the NTAG stickers.

I trow away them XD, nothing personal DT, i always trow the sticker.

Finally got a few.

A glock 19x and a henry 22lr lever action.

Also got my CC as well. Looking at a tier 1 appendix carry holster.

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Thought it looks nice.


This looks like a lot of fun for sure!

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The sticker is aging nicely :older_man:t3:

The bottle is carried almost everyday : work, sport, travel ,…


I’ve given a few of them away as they are really big but I have a cutting mat that I slap most of my stickers on so it got a place over a dangkeebs one.


I’m a bit annoyed I stuck my Vivokey one on my acr122u a while ago. It would have completed the collection nicely