Where have you stuck yours ⁉ DT Sticker

Nice spot,

I have driven an abarth, they “go like a Cut Cat” :dagger: :crying_cat_face:

Now we have to get @SammichBrad to put one on his image

Hope you dont mind I merged your post into this thread…Trying to keep it tidy :+1:


I put mine on my personal laptop :slight_smile:


In the middle of the mess of mine !



I’m pretty weirdly against stickers of all kinds. I have no explanation why, I just can’t stand them. So I’m gonna have to pass on that haha.


Made the dealership take their logo off when I bought a Honda.


I am surprised nobody has put a DT sticker on their Gun case / Safe.

= missing images (10)

= Fixed ( You are welcome random internet picture uploader )

I would put one on my Bow bag, but it is Nylon :cry:

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I should get one of those

PHPSTorm!! :slight_smile:Love JetBrains

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Yeah I have a soft case for my AR

I figured the ammo box was an appropriate place. Gun cleaning supplies up in there.


Yeah I’m a big fan of JetBrains, however I’ve been doing more work with VSCode lately.

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A couple of mine have names. I’m not a big time gun collector, and I only shoot rarely, but I likes what I likes.

I thought you would have covered all the Apple logo stickers instead :rofl:

I am a Vet, twice deployed to combat, got out for 5 years and am going back in next month (hopefully)

I still have 0 desire to own a gun really. I wouldn’t mind a rifle for long distance, (think Barrett. 50cal) but realistically, if I hunt with it, a portion of the animal will be gone. It would be for fun, to see how far I can shoot. I wish I would have tried for the Presidential 100. I firmly believe I can do it.

I would rather throw flowers at the end of the day to be honest.

(Edit: yall, I qm like 6 beers in. Sorry it seems rambling. It is )


We gotchya. No big deal.

If drunk posting is against the rules then I have some edits I need to make.


Same with rambling, half mad ramblings is like all I post :rofl: lots of edits needed if that’s not allowed.

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Yeah, In my mind, I figure they are peel and stick to the targets… :dart:

You are correct though I should have

I’m not a big fan of stickers because I don’t like the permanence of them. If I could find some of that flimsy feeling thin magnet mat (ceramic I think) then I’d slap a sticker down on that and cut it down to shape.

@amal any chance we could do magnets as official merch, and maybe pins too?

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I’ve had a Dangerous Things sticker on my black/white PC for a few years now

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