Where to start learning more?

Hi everyone!
I’ve recently got into the world of body hacking and I’ve been reading this forum for a few days. I have a hunch that THIS is the future and that I should get into it more, but I don’t have neither money, nor use case for any implants. Because of that, I want to learn more about them from the technical side and fill the holes in my knowledge in surrounding areas (like body modifications, achieving sterility etc.), but I feel like I’m missing the basics.

For a little background, I’m 18 and I’ve recently started third year of an IT profile in a technical school (in my country it’s basically high school, but in addition to normal subjects, we learn programming, system administration, and other IT-related stuff). I still have 2 years of school left and I don’t want to buy implants until I earn my own money, rent a place to live etc. so actually implanting something will have to wait for quite a while.

In the meantime, I would love to really learn how those things work from the bottom up. I’ve been reading this forum and some articles about various topics being discussed here (like how RFID actually works) and I’ve learned a whole lot by doing that, but I feel like I should get the basics down first. Ideally, I would like to understand the whole process of creating implants, from underlying science, to actual steps involved, so that I can help advance this field in the future.

For now, I see a few areas that I should work on:

  • Electronics - I basically know nothing. I would like to learn how different parts work, how to make them do stuff etc.
  • Physics - I have a general high school level knowledge, but I feel like I don’t know enough about how electricity works, how radio waves work, how does that influence implants etc.
  • Biology - I honestly remember almost nothing from my classes. I read here about different skin layers, keeping tool sterile, different types of infections etc. and I understand very little of it.

I don’t expect you to teach me all of that, but I’ve seen how awesome this community is and I hope that you can give me some guidance.
Where to find information about those subjects?
Do you recommend any websites/courses/books, or should I just go with any high school textbook? Are there any other subjects that will be helpful, that I’ve missed here?
Where should I branch out after getting the basics? I mean, what are some fields in body hacking, that one determined person could actually help push forward?

I know that this is a big and bold plan, but I have 2 years ahead of me, when I will have quite a lot of free time and for now I’m mostly wasting it on watching YouTube and browsing Reddit, so I want to spend at least some of it productively.

Thank you all in advance!


So I’m not very well versed with the in-depth tech side of my implants XD but I have been around the biohacking world for coming up two years now, so starting out is still pretty fresh in my mind.


  1. By the sounds of it you see the viability of the tech in biohacking, Great! so don’t go looking at the biohacking Reddit XD Not to hate on anyone, but a lot of their biohacking and transhumanism thoughts are very based in vitamins and the use of light therapy, not that’s not totally bogus, but it is not really as new as it is common sense stuff (EG. vitamin D is good for you, therefore, buy the expensive red light lamp for depression etc etc) also it’s a lot of people looking for quick solutions in holistic medicine that may or may not work, Once again not banging on people like that, I’m more just on the grinding side of biohacking.

  2. on the same type of note as number 1, Stay away from books on “biohacking” these are mostly cookbooks and diet books where you are “hacking” the human body. Transhumanist books are more theoretical and can be good reads but are rarely linked to any real-life studies or use case.

  3. Youtube has some really cool channels that have videos on biohacking (I don’t particularly like the ones done by news channels as they are mostly just very showy. Penetration testers use a lot of card cloning and RFID/NFC stuff, so check them out as both out communities use the safe tech (except ours is mostly in our body) Also! check out talks from Lepht Anonym, they are a crazy grinder who has done some cool (but very dumb) stuff with implants, don’t follow in their footsteps, but definitely hear them out.

  4. If you have a little cash you don’t mind using you should totally get some cheap RFID stuff you can mess around with, Arduinos are great and cost-effective, you can get an antenna for them and play around with making locks or other things. An ACR122 is a super affordable reader for pc that can be fun to use to look into the kinds of cards you already own (although you can’t look too deep without something a bit better like a proxmark. You can also pick up some cheap NFC stickers to play around with writing website links or other fun stuff that you can on an NFC chip (its super easy to set up all sorts of commands)

Welcome and I hope this helps a little bit, hopefully, others will come in soon to give you some better recorces for learning and not just stuffing around XD


About 1&2, I’m using the term “body hacking” in my post exactly because of that. I went looking for some Thought Emporium type stuff, and found vibration chambers and vitamins XD
3. Thanks, I’ll look into them!
4. I’m a little bit strapped right now, but I guess I’ll buy myself some Arduino and NFC stuff as a holiday gift.
I’d love to learn the theory, but practice is important too, so thank you!

This is a lot to reply to, but for YouTube channels, I would first recommend the Dangerous Things YouTube channel. There’s a lot of general implant info on there, along with a few good RFID videos. If you want overall electronics knowledge, ElectroBOOM and Big Clive are the main two channels I would check out if you haven’t already. They’re both fairly casual channels, and it’s easy to pick up on a ton of info just by enjoying their videos. ElectroBOOM’s main videos are a bit more comedy focused, but his ElectroBOOM101 videos are great for electronics foundations. Big Clive does a ton of in-depth circuit analysis, so you might want to start with ElectroBOOM. If you want some more purely educational videos, I would heavily recommend the Crash Course videos for Physics and Biology. They’re still entertaining and pretty short per video, and will give you a ton of information with a good bit of background info. The Crash Course physics series also goes over a good bit of the foundation of electronics. All of the videos are free on YouTube. These videos are very foundational, but can still teach a lot. For more specific stuff, you already mentioned it, but forum posts are great for that.

Also, I think I can speak for most people here when I say that if you have questions on a particular topic that someone is experienced in, always feel free to ask for pointers. I’ve done a ton of Arduino HF RFID and NFC projects for example, so I would be glad to answer any questions you have if you’re stuck on a project. As long as the question isn’t incredibly easily google-able or has already been posted, I’m sure anyone here would be glad to help.

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To add to the electronics videos, I’ll suggest GreatScott!
He has a handfull of videos on electronics theory, but mostly videos on projects that put said theory into practice :slight_smile:

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I’ve got an off idea for you. You can learn and expand your skillset at the same time. I suggest that you set up your own electronics lab. Because this will be entirely home brew and developed over time, it’ll be cheap and attainable.

When I was in college I would pick up junk printers and strip them for parts. All sorts of cool bits in a printer. You can repurpose alot of stuff you wouldn’t think of otherwise. PLUS, doing it yourself will teach a whole lotta skill.

I’d suggest putting aside a clean well lit corner of your home / apartment for it. Get a few basic hand tools (screwdrivers and such). Then try to find a few things you can make / repurpose as lab equipment.

I’d suggest setting up an older PC if you can find one. Nice to have, and can be free / cheap.


As someone who enjoys taking shit apart, i have to start collecting bits and pieces and repurposing them instead of just putting them back together XD

See, I run out of space because I’m a hoarder of parts - oh, a proprietary Dell PC power supply? I’ll keep that just in case I end up with a project that could use it… its a slippery slope!


I am totally clueless to your first two points (learning quite a lot from reading this forum, but still… well… :wink: ), but this is a point where I might have some infos. For the basics of biology, a good (school?-)book will suffice, there you can learn a lot about anatomy, the fascias, veins, blood vessels, skin itself and all that. If you are interested in anything about bodymods (including tools, processes, healing, sterilization and the fun behind all that^^), this is the one little field where I know quite a bit about, through my own experiences (as a customer, not as an artist). So, feel free to ask, if there is something you like to know. Oh, and bmezine.com is admittedly no longer as great as it was in the 90s (simply because it’s not really very active currently), but definitely still worth a look :smiley:

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Thanks for help everyone!

So are you saying your currently involved with NexT and understand how to program it to read NFC chips

Full disclosure, guys, @Intrestedtester13 has pm’d me asking if I could help get a next and program it

Welcome! Please go read some more.

Most of us are able to assist with cloning or programming a next, yes. Buying one is easy; the dangerousthings.com store will help there.

You may need a proxmark to program the LF, depending on what you want.

We’ll need a bit more info.

I’m more so looking into the practical use of being able to copy and storing LF signals for later use

You may be more interested in something like these:
tinylabs.io › keysy
Keysy - RFID Duplicator | Tiny Labs

or, if you can wait

or cheap

NZ$ 17.80 | 1PCS 6 in 1 RFID Multiple Keyfob 125khz T5577 EM Writable IC 13.56Mhz M1k S50 UID changeable CUID Complex Keychain Tag Card

There are other options but that should get you started

The more I see that the more I want one. Not for anything useful really. Just reminds me of messing with the TVs in the pubs when I was small. Remember the old IR watches?


I loved messing with people using that watch. :smirk: :smirk:

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I’m not sure what you are getting at, but yea i use my NExT on a daily basis, if you read around you will understand more on what and how you can do with an implant.

Well, without additional tools you can’t just copy a LF tag.

As has been suggested, you might be more interested in the tools @Pilgrimsmaster has linked.

I’m looking into the keysy it looks like what I need but I’m kinda confused on the actual practical uses does it work for car also?

Not with standard cars, no. However, some people retrofit NFC / LF RFID locks / ignition systems into their cars, and in those cases a Keysy could be used.

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