Which implant is the most fun? 🤔

I’m literally sat at my desk trying to finish my work for the day and have just realised I’ve become distracted yet again. It’s my xG3 biomagnet doing a good job of impressively spinning a stir-bar this time.

Out of all the implants I have I’d say that I find my xG3 is the most fun. What do you find the most fun out of your implants? P.s. Titan going in this weekend! :grin:

  • Single chip implant
  • Dual chip implant
  • xLED / xSIID NFC + LED implant
  • Biomagnet implant

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I don’t have any magnets but RFID is fun as long as you’ve got the right locks.

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I’ve had the most fun with my xG3s holding screws at work, or flipping bottle caps at the bar.
My coworkers love showing off my blinky.
I felt like a show pony on Monday. We’ve got some people in from another branch and my higher ups started telling them about their cyborg employee. Boss brought me in and was like “do a trick.” Felt like a dog, but I was happy to show off all my implants, and gross them out with the install vids/pics XD


Next time you better get that tip jar/hat out. Idk how id feel about being a performance monkey, but tips would make it easier :wink:


I’ve had the most fun with my Titan. I like to feel electronics when they are powered on. Couple of times I’ve mistaken the vibration as wind when playing with electronics that have UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) very close. Took me a second and other hand to realize :joy:


I only have an NExT for now, but I think a magnet implant would be the most fun. RFID can be lots of fun, being able to share stuff by scanning your hand or opening doors and all, but that requires setup. A magnet works on anything magnetic.

Though I have to admit, getting lots of xLEDs and xSIIDs and turning my hand into an Infinity Gauntlet would be almost as much fun.

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You would likly be interested in @StephenBoose

and here’s @ShaakPsi just because


I’ll start charging extra PTO hours to perform for my lol

By far my magnets. I have an original xG3 and a Titan from the second run. My Titan only has one problem which is that the incision was on the tip of my finger which makes playing guitar hurt a lot more. But I still laugh every time I feel my laptop’s fan or trip my lid sensor by accident. I use the xG3 for working on laptops tacking the screws to the back of my hand.

My xSIID (s) are fun, but they’re mostly for stupid human tricks, and my Spark2 never really lived up to the promise thanks to others not enabling support for it, so again, stupid human tricks.

I do love my NExT though, I use it for my job’s door systems and it’s pretty awesome for that since I’m in IT and need to enter the closets every day, usually when I’ve been away from my desk and didn’t carry my purse with me.


Magnet gang :mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm:
The wow factor of the xG3 v1 is not great because the lifting capabilities are not optimal (surprisingly not bad at sensing though). The V2 100% makes up for that.

Finger magnets are pretty cool too though, mostly because of the placement which is less awkward to use.

I have to admit the blinkies are pretty fun too but my vote definitely goes to magnets :magnet: