Why my xNT is not working with the quicklock padlock?

I recently picked up a quicklock padlock. The diagnostic card is showing it’s an nfc reader but I cant seem to program my xNT to it. Has anyone else had this issue and know how to solve it?

The diagnostic card does not tell you if it’s NFC, but if it’s high frequency or low frequency reader. There are many different types of high frequency tags that support a myriad of protocols, including NFC.

I don’t have any experience with that lock, so here are some general guidelines.

First, does the tags that come with it read in NFC Tools or Tag Info app with your phone? What kind of tag does the app say it is?

Have you attempted to use the xLED field detector on it to determine the optimal read location?

Many times with battery run devices, the issue is the devices are not designed to read glass tags. They have hefty battery saving modes that require a significant load on the coil before they power up, and the tiny implant does not provide that load so they never wake up and read the tag.

If this is the case, sometimes you can confirm the issue by placing the implant in a position you think it should read, then wave the diagnostic card near the reader. The card wakes it up and sometimes you can get a read. But really not useful for anything but testing.

Here. Amal says it works with the Spark. That means it requires an ISO-15693 tag (not an xNT whic is ISO-14443)

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Correct… also this omits the Spark 2 as well since the Spark 2 is also ISO14443A

Well Royale, Amal won’t mention it because he’s shy, but you’re in luck: the xSLX would be exactly what you need here. And you want another implant anyway. Come on, admit it :slight_smile: