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Ulefone Armor 3W: easy read with my IAR M1k and no trouble with my flexM1, as you would expect. The sweet spot is somewhat difficult to hit though, the back of the phone being essentially featureless. Also, surprisingly, it is quite a different sweet spot for a glassie and for a flexie.

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You bet!

But I did make a mistake: it’s called the Armor 3W, not just 3W. Sorry…

What are these sweet spots then?

To be honest, I didn’t think about mapping out where it is exactly. I was more busy neutering Google and reinstalling all my stuff in the new phone, which always takes a mighty long time if you’re as thoroughly paranoid as I am and you don’t use cloud backup :slight_smile:

I’ll use my xLED and my test NFC glassie later today to find where the antenna is and I’ll post a picture.

Speaking of neutering Google, fun fact with Android 9 and up: boot the phone without any network (so it doesn’t get any update of anything you don’t want right off the bat), go to the settings, remove all the Google bits you don’t truly need, remove all the permissions from all the remaining Google apps that don’t truly need it, and you’re left with a phone without a soft keyboard. That’s happened to me twice on two different brand new phones now. Amazing the length Google goes to to ensure you leave shit you don’t want running.

That Armor 3W is 365g of phone, but the battery life doesn’t disappoint :slight_smile:



That IS impressive!

  • Red is the antenna
  • Blue is best locations for a glassie
  • Green is best locations for a slim / wedge flex

Surprisingly, it works less well with a glassie positioned vertically and orthogonal to the top or bottom runs of the antenna, or a flex vertically along the side runs of the antenna. It should but it don’t.


Hot damn, that thing won’t quit anytime soon :slight_smile:


I’m not a heavy cellphone user by any stretch of the imagination, but this is just getting ridiculous :slight_smile:

I’m gonna keep that thing going until it dies, see how long the battery really lasts.

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That is an impressive amount of battery life. I have my One Plus 7 Pro setup so it turns on the battery saver at 40%. If I needed to I could get 2 days out of it with light use.

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Yeah but Roscos phone is pretty much a powerbank with a screen strapped to it :yum: 10300 mAh, more than 3 times as much as my phone


One week, 3 more to go apparently :slight_smile:

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Do you have the ability to check usage stats? How would you estimate your use?

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Oh it’s very low. I get the odd quick phone call and SMS every once once in a while, I check my mail 2 or 3 times a day, and maybe 2 hours of GPS tracking a week when I go out on a walk somewhere I don’t know.

From my initial heavy usage (the first day when I installed everything and kept using it heavily for hours) the battery thing said 1 day left at the lowest. So in cellphone marketing parlance, it would be 1 day of “talk time” or (probably) over 4 weeks of standby time.

Still going :slight_smile:


Impressive but I have to ask. How heavy is your phone?

Just looked it up because I was curious as well, it’s the Ulefone Armor 3w. Apparently it weighs 12.87 ounces, or 365 grams. Over twice that of my phone.


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